Submit by December 31 for 2020 Steal this Idea!

ACUI is accepting submissions for the 2020 Steal this Idea competition to showcase the best in marketing and design for college unions and student activities. Winning entries are featured in The Bulletin, displayed at the Annual Conference, and published online. Best in Show is announced during The Honors at the Annual Conference.

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Steal this Idea Competition Information

Submission Process

Submission for 2020 Steal this Idea are now available! The regular submission deadline is December 31. To submit, please fill out the form, including uploading a PDF of your entry.

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Steal this Idea is open to any professional or student working within college unions and student activities at an ACUI member institution. Submitted entries must have been created within the calendar year. Additional entry details may be found on the submission form.

Entry Fee

An entry fee is required for all entries and must be paid prior to judging. The fee will be $50 for the first entry from an institution, then $40 for each additional entry.


ACUI selects judges from across the United States to determine the first place through honorable mention in each category. Criteria includes concept, design, editorial content, and effectiveness. Best in Show is chosen from the first place winners in all categories. Winning entries are featured in The Bulletin, displayed at the Annual Conference, and published online. Best in Show is announced during The Honors at the Annual Conference.


Digital campaign
Interior/wall art
Logo/brand identity
Multi-page publications
Promotional campaigns
Promotional products
Social media campaign
Video and animation

2019 Steal this Idea Winners

ACUI is pleased to share the winners of the 2019 Steal this Idea competition! See below for those who placed in the professional and student sections of each category. You may also download the 2019 Steal this Idea feature from the July/August Bulletin.

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  • First Place: Illini Union Student Union Brochure; University of Illinois; Stephanie Swift, Erik Riha 

  • Second Place: Commuter Pocket Guide; University of California–San Diego; Lauren Filzenger, Armando Abundis, Kia Neri, Bessie Yang 

  • Third Place: Fine Arts Series 115th Season Brochure; University of North Texas; Steven Meehin, Caroline Hailson 

  • Honorable Mention: Michigan Union Development Collateral; University of Michigan; Toni Voss, Laura Vernon, Laura Seagram 


  • First Place: Spring 2018 Visiting Artists; California State University–Sacramento; Tynan Collins 

  • Second Place: Lory Student Center Milestones Brochure; Colorado State University; Shreenal Patel 

  • Third Place: UndocuTerp Brochure; University of Maryland; Hannah Shams, Mallory O'Conor 

  • Honorable Mention: Cougars in Recovery Brochure; University of Houston; Nick Peterson 



  • First Place: SAB Spring 2018 Calendar; Texas Tech University; Katie Downing, Autumn Arthur 

  • Second Place: CAB Spring 2019 Schedule; University of West Florida; R.J. Lund, Shelley Henseler 

  • Third Place: Terrace After Dark Schedule Display; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Stephanie Webendorfer, Megan Breene, Allyson Casey, Kelly O'Loughlin 

  • Honorable Mention: Spartan Fest 2018 Schedule of Events; University of North Carolina–Greensboro; Ashley Hill 


  • First Place: Pride Month 2018; University of Maryland; Hannah Shams 

  • Second Place: Non-Traditional Student Organization Semester Calendar; Oklahoma State University; Celeste Torres 

  • Third Place: ASI Calendar of Events – Fall 2018; California State University–Fullerton; Melina Ahmadzadeh 

  • Honorable Mention: Fall 2018 Visiting Artists; California State University–Sacramento; Ilona Panych 



  • First Place: More Than Just Scribbles; California State University–Sacramento; Diana Lee 

  • Second Place: Carlitos Medrano; California State University–Sacramento; Kenji Enos 

  • Third Place: University Book Center Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day Mailer; University of Maryland; Whitney Schepf 

  • Honorable Mention: ASI Special Thanks; California State University–Los Angeles; Gus Salazar 


  • First Place: Friends of Women's Studies Invitations; University of Houston; Julia Ong  

  • Second Place: First Friday – Triton Avengers Glove Game Card; University of California–San Diego; Lucy Xu, Armando Abundis 

  • Third Place: The Blend at the VRC; California State University–Northridge; Kat Hawley, Calvin Sam, Isa Hernandez 

  • Honorable Mention: Rowan SUP MVV Card; Rowan University; Christina Conte 

Digital Campaigns


  • First Place: Healthy Campus Week; Oklahoma State University; Brandon Havens, Rachel Metzger 

  • Second Place: Transfer 2 Terp Student Profiles; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser,  

  • Third Place: Graduate Student Life Craft Nights; University of Maryland; Hannah Shams 

  • Honorable Mention: Student Union Activities Board Video Campaign; Oklahoma State University; Coleton Gambill, Kailey Bookout 

Interior and Wall Art


  • First Place: Gopher Journey Escalator Surround; University of Minnsota–Twin Cities; Brittany Ottum, Jody Mahaffey 

  • Second Place: Ruth Merrill Center Decals; University of Rochester; Jennelle Hart 

  • Third Place: IMU Stair Decals; Indiana University–Bloomington; Damen Morris, Mara Dahlgren 

  • Honorable Mention: Student Union Elevator Door Wrap; Oklahoma State University; Debbie Shotwell, Shane Lansdown 


  • First Place: Elevator Decals; University of Wisconsin–Whitewater; Jessica Richards 

  • Second Place: Davis Center's Lake Champlain Biotope; University of Vermont; David Bernier 

  • Third Place: You Belong Right Here Selfie Wall; California State University–Northridge; Juli Shih, Jenny Soto 

  • Honorable Mention: Wellness Center Classroom Decals; University of Houston; Kenny Law, Jessy Gilbert 

Logos/Brand Identity


  • First Place: Union Board Rebrand; Baylor University; Jordy Dickey, Rebecca Kaiser, Tanner Freeman  

  • Second Place: Associated Students, Inc. Branding; California State University–Los Angeles; Gus Salazar 

  • Third Place: Saffron; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Megan Breene, Lauren Ziegler, Meghan Roberts 

  • Honorable Mention: Jitters Cafe Logo; University of Illinois; Ralph Roether 


  • First Place: 20th Anniversary Pride Logo; Colorado State University; Shreenal Patel 

  • Second Place: Homecoming – 90s Theme; Texas State University; Nicole Basta, Lucero Treviño, Fatima Rubio 

  • Third Place: Strides to Zero; University of Houston; Jessy Gilbert 

  • Honorable Mention: Earth Week; University of Vermont; Jacob Rist 



  • First Place: Argo Arrival Outdoor Walkway Decals; University of West Florida; Melissa Puckett, Gina Alford Dickerson 

  • Second Place: GameDay at the Union Backdrop; Oklahoma State University; Kailey Bookout 

  • Third Place: Illini Union Bookstore Summer Registration Folder; University of Illinois, Erik Riha

  • Honorable Mention: Terrace Pop-Up Shop; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Megan Breene, Alix DeBroux, Allyson Casey, Meghan Roberts Wollack 


  • First Place: Latinx Graduation; University of Maryland; Nursena Acar  

  • Second Place: Student Union Folder; University of Texas–San Antonio; Richard Tyler Martin 

  • Third Place: SCCA Game Room Air Hockey Table; Rowan University; Samantha DiVirgilio  

  • Honorable Mention: I Hate Valentine's Day; University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley; Adelina Agueros  

Multi-Page Publications


  • First Place: Wisconsin Union Experience Booklet; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Stephanie Webendorfer, Alix DeBroux, Jacob Hahn 

  • Second Place: Center for Student Involvement Year End Report; University of Colorado–Boulder; Nathan Schiro, Hana Kieger, Erin Dewese 

  • Third Place: STAMP Annual Report; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser, Sophie Tullier 

  • Honorable Mention: Illini Union Sales Booklet; University of Illinois; Stephanie Swift, Erik Riha 


  • First Place: Celebrations Catering Menu; Oklahoma State University; Celeste Torres 

  • Second Place: Panhellenic Booklet 2018; University of Houston; Kevin Marroquin  

  • Third Place: Student Union Newsletter; University of Texas–San Antonio; Richard Tyler Martin, Nicole Hernandez, Yi-Ting Chung 

  • Honorable Mention: Origins IdeasLab Assessment Report; University of Maryland–Baltimore County; Jazmine Johnson, Stephen Freeland, Sarah Hansen 



  • First Place: César Chávez Celebration Month; University of California–San Diego; Lauren Filzenger, Armando Abundis 

  • Second Place: North By North Texas; University of North Texas; Steven Meehin, Abby Caron 

  • Third Place: The Color Wild; California State University–Sacramento; Erin Umipeg 

  • Honorable Mention: Fright Week; University of Vermont; Cody Silfies 


  • First Place: Gabby Riviera; California State University–Sacramento; Diego Gutierrez 

  • Second Place: FallFest – Ft. Dr. Dog; University of Vermont; Nicole Raccuia 

  • Third Place: Feast of Nations; University of Minnesota–Twin Cities; Anne Judd, Garnette Kuznia, Brendan Buhler 

  • Honorable Mention: Natural Hair Night; University of Wisconsin–Stout; Megan Luedke, Abby Straub 

Promotional Campaigns


  • First Place: Black History Month; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser 

  • Second Place: Leadership & Community Service-Learning Identity; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser 

  • Third Place: A Place to be You; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Brennan Bahr, Brennah Kentz, Megan Breene, Alix DeBroux 

  • Honorable Mention: Argo Arrival Campaign; University of West Florida; T.J. Grier, Melissa Puckett, Shelley Henseler, Sarah Coven, Victoria Foster 


  • First Place: Week of Welcome Branding; University of Vermont; Addison Zinner 

  • Second Place: ASI Election 2018; California State University–Los Angeles; Anthony Castañeda  

  • Third Place: ASI Elections 2018 Marketing; California State University–Long Beach; Garrin Yabuta 

  • Honorable Mention: Springfest; University of Vermont; David Bernier 

Promotional Products


  • First Place: Homecoming Scarf; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser 

  • Second Place: Theater Season Promotion; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Kayla Nelson, Angela Nair 

  • Third Place: UNT Union Sticker Sheets; University of North Texas; Steven Meehin, Abby Caro, Caroline Hailson, Emma Pattison 

  • Honorable Mention: Fully Woolly Promo Sticker; California State University–Fullerton; Mike Greenlee 


  • First Place: UndocuTerp Enamel Pin; University of Maryland; Mallory O'Conor, Nursena Acar 

  • Second Place: Lory Student Center Brand Stickers; Colorado State University; Christopher Jewell, Madi Gould  

  • Third Place: U Are So Much S'more; California State University–Northridge; Rubaie Jaffer, Jenny Soto  

  • Honorable Mention: Student Union Sticker; University of Texas–San Antonio; Daniela Sosa 



  • First Place: Pride and Traditions Banner; Texas State University; Sarah Bagwell, Lucero Treviño 

  • Second Place: Don Friesen; California State University–Sacramento; Erin Umipeg 

  • Third Place: Veterans "Welcome Home" Banner; University of Maryland; Charlene Prosser 

  • Honorable Mention: Welcome Back Banners; University of Minnesota–Twin Cities; Brittany Ottum, Jody Mahaffey 


  • First Place: Coco; California State University–Sacramento; Andrew Le 

  • Second Place: Fifty30 Venue Product Signage; Colorado State University; Evan Olea 

  • Third Place: CWU SURC Environmental Banners; Central Washington University; Hannah Brooks 

  • Honorable Mention: WUD Director Recruitment Banners; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Courtney Medick, Alix DeBroux 



  • First Place: Feed Me T-Shirt; University of Illinois; Ralph Roether 

  • Second Place: Intramural Champ Shirt; California State University–Sacramento; Diana Lee 

  • Third Place: Saved by CAB; University of North Carolina–Charlotte; Kyahdric Moses 

  • Honorable Mention: UWF CAB Fall 2018 T-Shirt; University of West Florida; Designer: Sarah Coven, Keaton West 


  • First Place: Games Room T-Shirt; University of Houston; Nick Peterson  

  • Second Place: Out in the Garden T-Shirt; California State University–Northridge; Rubaie Jaffer, Stephanie Tran 

  • Third Place: Group Fit Club Apparel; California State University–Sacramento; Maddie Bell 

  • Honorable Mention: Intramural Sports Championship T-Shirt; University of California–Northridge; Cuauhtémoc Aleman, Troy Thornton 



  • First Place: Logo Animation Video; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Kelly O'Loughin, Susan Dibbell, Monica Slater 

  • Second Place: Marketing Form Video Tutorial; California State University–Fullerton; Art Serna, Luke Rooney, Anjelica Torres 

  • Third Place: Comic Con; Oklahoma State University; Coleton Gambill  

  • Honorable Mention: Celebrating 90 Years: 1928–2018; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Monica Slater, Susan Dibbell 


  • First Place: Voter Registration 2018; California State University–Long Beach; Christopher Rosa  

  • Second Place: Student Union and Activities Promo; Central Washington University; Julian Smart 

  • Third Place: USU Board of Directors Elections; California State University–Northridge; Mifiel Valdes, Kyle Hufnagel, Isa Hernandez 

  • Honorable Mention: Homecoming 2018 Promo; California State University–Long Beach; Abby Victor, Matt Carney, Logan Cross, Christopher Rosa 



  • First Place: Pick One! Website; University of Wisconsin–Stout; Noah Delagardelle, Katherine Bosworth 

  • Second Place: 90th Anniversary Microsite; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Stephanie Webendorfer, Allyson Casey, Kelly O'Loughlin 

  • Third Place: USU Annual Report 16-17: Optimizing the Student Experience; California State University–Northridge; Steven Wein, James Matzen, Kyle Hufnagel, Michael Niles, Jenny Soto 

  • Honorable Mention: ASI, CSUF Website; California State University–Fullerton; Scott Martin