Give, Learn, Grow: Apply by June 26 to Volunteer for your Regional Leadership Team

The June 26 deadline is approaching to apply for one of the many available Regional Leadership Team positions in each of ACUI’s eight regions. Tiffany Brodner (pictured below right), membership experience coordinator for Region VIII, finds it easy to explain why the opportunity should not be missed. 

“The act of applying, which in reality took no time at all, changed my life in a number of ways,” said the associate director for student life for college union and activities at SUNY Geneseo. “I have made true, real, meaningful connections.”Tiffany Brodner

One regional student involvement coordinator, now in his second year in that role, is Christopher Hawkins of Region III. Now the assistant director for student activities at Mississippi State University, he began connecting with his region and ACUI when as a graduate student he helped with the regional conference check-in. During that process he got to know members of the conference planning team, the regional leadership team, and fellow conference attendees. 

“I knew then I wanted to continue my involvement with ACUI,” said Hawkins (pictured below left). “It has been such a rewarding experience to contribute to the region, learn from and getting to know other professionals, and through enhancing the student experience for Region III. It has been very rewarding!” 

Christopher HawkinsIn addition to student involvement and membership experience coordinators, there are seven other key regional volunteer roles for members to experience. Those include business manager, communications coordinator, education programs coordinator, inclusivity coordinator, recognition coordinator, regional conference coordinator, and student member. 

Pili Sueoka (pictured below right), the membership experience coordinator for Region IV and campus scheduling coordinator at Portland State University’s Campus Events and Student Union division, described volunteering as a series of occasions to grow. 

“It has provided me so many opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with others,” she said. “Not only has it offered me a chance to develop new skills, but also the opportunity to build a network of colleagues that I know I can always reach out to for advice. I’ve felt a sense of community since joining ACUI and that’s why I decided to volunteer! Our members are encouraging, supportive, and welcoming.”Pili Sueoka

Brodner admitted that she procrastinated and hesitated for years to volunteer with ACUI, primarily due to a busy work schedule. She put up other barriers as well, like telling herself that she didn’t know anyone else volunteering at her region. “You name it, I could think of a barrier,” she recalled. 

She did meet an active volunteer, though, who nudged her into volunteering and who has since become a close friend. And as for the barriers, “As far as my obstacles I created, I found the time to make it all work,” she said. 

“The funny part is that it didn’t feel as if I was stretching. It has been enjoyable, work filled with joy,” Brodner said. “And not knowing anyone, well that was quickly over as you work alongside some of the best in the field. It’s made me a better professional, a better colleague, and overall, has fulfilled my passion of learning in so many ways. I feel lucky to be part of this association and for endless opportunities to give back.” 

If you’re interested in growing new friendships, improving professionally, building community, and supporting the ACUI mission, apply for any of the available volunteer opportunities in your region by June 26

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