On the Job with With Leadership Directors: Erin Haley

Erin Haley  Director, Center for Student Leadership,Lewis–Clark State College

Erin Haley 

Director, Center for Student Leadership 
Lewis–Clark State College


Do you have a leadership program for first-year emerging leaders, and if so, how is it structured? 

Haley: We’re embarking on focusing on leadership in a new venture, with the renaming of our student union building to add the name Center for Student Leadership. We are hoping to capture the emerging leaders by offering a one-stop shop of sorts, to provide them all the tools that a campus could conceivably provide to enable their successes in leadership in college and beyond their college careers.

Can you give some examples of how students, in their day-to-day experiences, are provided with opportunities to allow their leadership traits to emerge? 

Haley: Opportunities exist daily to enhance leadership skills, as our Student Involvement office facilitates opportunities to join a club, learn what it takes to put on an event by joining our Warrior Entertainment Board, or getting involved in student government. Although we are very much in the growing phase of our leadership programs, we are setting up a lively calendar of activities, workshops, and opportunities for our students such as career fairs, informational sessions of leadership in athletics, and implementing the platform of Presence. 

What is the most popular student leadership-oriented program, activity, event, or initiative you’ve seen? 

Haley: Our most popular programs typically are tied to career enhancing services. We recently relocated our student employment office to be part of the Center for Student Leadership, and their office rarely has a quiet moment. We’re gearing up for a large career fair in October, with some positive feedback from students, staff and faculty and our local community as well. 


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