On the Job with Celeste Torres

Celeste Torres, Oklahoma State University

Celeste Torres 
Student Graphic Designer 
Oklahoma State University 
Student Union Marketing Department 
Junior, studying graphic design 

Who comes up with 
the ideas for the projects you work on? 

It’s a collaborative effort between me and my client. They typically have some vision of what they want the design to look like, but I usually expand on it or also suggest my own ideas. Other times, the client will let me design the project however I wish.  

What are some of the regular challenges you face when working on different projects?

One challenge that I typically have is not being able to get a quick response from my clients. Sometimes they won’t respond for a few days to a week after I submit my designs to them, even after following up! This leaves me less time to work on the designs as the project deadline approaches.  

How did you get interested in this work? 

I’ve been in art classes since high school, and I just fell in love being able to create art with technology. I eventually understood that there was more to graphic design than just using technology, and I learned to appreciate it even more and to enjoy what I do. Working in the student union marketing department gives me the opportunity to work with multiple student organizations and internal departments every day.  

If this kind of work was your career choice, what would be your dream job?

I’m not sure what I want to do exactly because I still have so much I want to learn. I would like to work in a good environment and with several people in a team setting. As long as I am happy doing what I do, then that would be the dream job there. I do, however, hope to make an influence on future generations as an Asian American graphic designer. 

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