On the Job with Nancy Cowley

Cowley, NancyNancy Cowley is the Environmental Services Supervisor at Colorado State University's Lory Student Center.

What are some of the latest advances or improvements in your facility or operations? 

A little over two years ago, we streamlined our cleaning products and embraced green cleaning. This has saved a large percentage in our annual budget. In turn, the savings enabled the department to purchase more efficient equipment, such as new vacuum cleaners, and fund a Student Lead Program that was in line with our mission and vision statement, which states we will enable and train our students to be leaders.   

What are the challenges in maintaining a dynamic, versatile, and appealing built environment that meets the needs of a diverse population? 

It’s the ever-changing customer base, no two days are the same here. With the constant ebb and flow, it is difficult to keep staffing at an acceptable level for the needs of both the budget and the customer need. The advantage I have is my employees care for our building and take pride in their work. … The employees at the Lory Student Center, across all departments, enjoy, appreciate, and value the diversity a higher education setting brings. 

Can you think of an event that you never could have imagined occurring at your facility?

The Lory Student Center is a very public building and the challenges are pretty much expected and prepared for.  We have a philosophy as a department to prepare for the unexpected and to act accordingly. So far, we have never come across an event that we could not handle. 

If you were handed an unexpected increase in your budget, what would you spend that money on? 

Staffing and training. Investing in my crew is the first priority, then equipment and other needs will follow. Investing in your crew shows you care about them.  

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