Wire Clips: June & July 2017

Wire Clips is a monthly summary of members who have recently received a promotion at their current institution, been hired at another member institution, received an honor or award, retired, or died—as well as ACUI staff changes. We learn about developments under “New Position” and “New Institution” primarily through ACUI profile updates, so please try to keep your profile updated, especially when you take that exciting next career step! If you have an addition, want to report an error, or have a question, please email ACUI at acui@acui.org.

TypewriterNew Position 

  • Spencer Desmarais is now the assistant director, event services and operation at Washington State University (formerly coordinator, event services and operations).  

  • Suzi Howell is now the associate dean of students, director of residence life at Binghampton University (formerly director, student union).  

  • Danny Lemos is now the student media coordinator at California State University–Long Beach (formerly radio station advisor).  

  • David Long is now the associate director for operations and administration at Northern Illinois University (formerly operations manager). 

  • Sara McGuire is now the assistant director for student engagement at Smith College (formerly assistant director for organization development). 

  • Frederick Mooney is now the director, university centers and campus events at University of Tennesee–Martin (formerly assistant director, event services). 

  • Casey Payseno is now the assistant director at Portland State University (formerly customer service and internal events manager). 

  • Nancy Cambron Perez is now the programming manager at Northwestern University (formerly programming coordinator). 

  • Hugo Pinales is now the University Student Union and Tukwut Life Program coordinator at California State University–San Marcos (formerly office coordinator, campus recreation). 

  • Cody Sizemore is now the assistant director of operations at the University of Maryland–Baltimore County (formerly operations specialist). 

  • Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier is now the education and assessment manager at Florida State University (formerly coordinator of education and assessment). 

New Institution/Organization

  • Tara Centeno is now director of student activities and campus engagement at Nova Southeastern University (formerly assistant director of student activities) 

  • Ann Comerford is now the first executive director of the Student Union at the University of Illinois–Springfield (formerly director of the University Union at Western Illinois University). 

  • Candice Germany is now the assistant director of the University Commons at Milliken University; she completed graduate school studies at Loyola University–Chicago in May.  

  • Emily Schnier is now the program coordinator, Popp Martin Student Union at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte (formerly graduate student intern for Student Center operations at Rutgers University).  

  • Rich Steele is now the senior director for auxiliary services at North Carolina State University (formerly senior director for auxiliary services at Georgia Institute of Technology).

ACUI Staff 

  • Brandt Johnson, assistant editor, left ACUI to pursue career opportunities in a different field.  

  • Reid Ralston is leaving ACUI to attend graduate school at Cornell University. Prior to joining ACUI as special projects assistant last year, Ralston was a student intern for four years, working with video production, technology, program assistance, and more.  


  • Kevin Mauer, former ACUI web developer, passed away July 7. Mauer spent 12 years with the Association and was a key player in all technology projects. He left ACUI in April 2016 to pursue new opportunities. 


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