On the Job with Will Thomas Jr.

What is one project or innovation you’re proud to have helped implement?

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to implement annual food and clothing drives within our department and Oglesby Union. Since 2014, we have annually collected more than 900 food items and 300 pieces of clothing each spring semester. During the Oglesby Union Food Drive with Homecoming and The Art Center, student organizations came together to donate more than 1,000 canned goods and create art projects that represented FSU.  

Will Thomas Jr.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned working in the profession?

I have learned how important it is to not take anything personally. There are many times when I have to work with someone and they come off rude and difficult to work with. It is important to give these people the benefit of the doubt, as they are dealing with stress just like I have to. Usually they are not being difficult because of you. Exercise patience and be a joy to be around, because nine times out of 10 they’ll come around.  

When working with events, what factor is most likely to make or break its success?

I would say recognizing a customer’s needs and wants even when they don’t realize this is a concern, as well as having the ability to recognize issues before they arise. It can be difficult because we work with a plethora of people who think they’re a genius in our field and want to tell us how to do our job. When I am patient and not taking anything personally, the customer usually recognizes how competent I am and the difficulties that come with facility and event management.  

Describe a memorable day on the job.

A memorable day is Parent’s Weekend every year. It is longer than the average day, but it’s great because the entire union works together to achieve a common goal: to make sure Parent’s Weekend is memorable for all of our FSU family. Families are thankful for the assistance we provide and the weather is always perfect, considering it’s Florida in October. It always helps when there’s free food and shirts for the entire staff.

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