On the Job with Alyshia Zurlick

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned working in the profession?

To be open to student creativity and innovation. At RIT there is plenty of each to keep me busy! 

Alyshia ZurlickWhen working with events, what factor is most likely to make or break its success?

In my current position, I have learned that extreme attention to detail and a willingness to question is imperative for success. Sometimes students do not know what they are missing at their event; it is my responsibility to make sure they understand all of the services at RIT that can aid in the success of their program or event. 

What is one project or innovation you’re proud to have helped implement?

While working at Alfred State College, I was able to work with the business department to develop a leadership minor that incorporated the levels of the leadership program—then called The Emerging Pioneers Leadership Program—as the core credits of the minor. The minor was housed in the business department, but the core credits were taught by student affairs professionals. It was a wonderful collaboration between both academic affairs and student affairs professionals.

Describe a memorable day on the job.

At my previous institution, Alfred State College, I was able to host an ACUI Region VII training day. Working with Michele Williams was wonderful. We had a blast! If members are considering hosting an ACUI event at their institution, I would suggest they take the plunge.

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