Wire Clips: April 2017

Wire Clips is a monthly summary of members who have recently received a promotion at their current institution, been hired at another member institution, received an honor or award, retired, or died—as well as ACUI staff changes. We learn about developments under “New Position” and “New Institution” primarily through ACUI profile updates, so please try to keep your profile updated, especially when you take that exciting next career step! If you have an addition, want to report an error, or have a question, please email ACUI assistant editor Brandt Johnson.

New Position

  • Clay Allred is now associate director of operations and technical services at the University of Washington (formerly operations and technical services manager).

  • Aaron Burgess is now executive director of the Santos Manuel Student Union at California State University–San Bernardino (formerly associate director of operations).

  • Ashley Dornette is now event planning manager at Northwestern University (formerly event planning coordinator).

  • Christine Grott is now program coordinator at the University at Delaware (formerly office manager).

  • Michael Jaromin is now executive director of campus life at the University at Albany (formerly director of student involvement and leadership).

  • Greg Kirby is now director of campus reservations, events, and technical services at the University of Georgia (formerly associate director of campus reservations, events, and technical services).

  • Lauren Kuski is now assistant director of student life at SUNY–Geneseo (formerly late-night programs and activities coordinator).

  • Kathy McIntosh is now associate vice president of student services at Alliant International University (formerly assistant vice president of student services).

  • Katelyn Nomura-Weingrow is now director of marketing at the University of California–Berkeley (formerly art studio manager).

  • Joseph Rios is now director of student affairs assessment and engagement operations at Mount Ida College (formerly assistant director of campus center facilities and operations).

  • Paul Striffolino is now assistant vice president of student affairs at Keene State College (formerly director of student life).

  • Eric Tammes is now director of Coaching for Academic Success at College of Lake County (formerly manager of Coaching for Academic Success).

  • Erik Thompson is now vice president of real estate and facilities management at the University of the District of Columbia (formerly senior project manager).

  • Ashley Venneman is now student organization development manager at the University of Maryland–College Park (formerly special events and programs coordinator).

  • Joe Webb is now assistant director of outdoor recreation at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (formerly outdoor recreation manager).

  • Mei-Chun Woo is now event planning supervisor at the University of Washington (formerly Office of Special Programs coordinator).

New Institution 

  • Molly Bower is now union operations coordinator at Virginia Tech (formerly graduate assistant for the campus center at Fitchburg State University).

  • Michael Crump is now director of student services at Palmer College of Chiropractic–West (formerly associate director of student involvement at Bellarmine University).

  • Emelia Dunston is now associate dean of students and family engagement at the University of Tennessee–Chattanooga (formerly director of student activities for campus programming at Bellarmine University).

  • Jackie Grinvalds is now assistant director of student union and information services at Northeastern Illinois University (formerly operations manager at Northwestern University).

  • Devan Kowalek is now student organizations coordinator at The College of New Jersey (formerly student engagement program assistant at West Chester University).
  • Loren Rullman, associate vice president for student life at the University of Michigan, has accepted a position to launch organizational strategy and advising practice for Workshop Architects.


  • Lane Honda, formerly operations coordinator at Arizona State University 

ACUI Staff 

  • Bret Hawkins, Procure manager, retired. 

  • Will Kanyi, educational credentialing designer, started a new, full-time position as instructional support consultant with Indiana University–Bloomington Kelley School of Business on March 20. He will continue to work part-time with ACUI through May to help develop the digital badge credentialing program.

Correction: A previous version of Wire Clips indicated Eric Heilmeier had changed institutions. He is still director of Pierpont Commons and associate director of university unions at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor.
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