ACUI is committed to supporting and advancing scholarship in the college union and student activities field.

To that end, he following guidelines and procedures have been established for researchers interested in accessing ACUI’s membership for scholarly purposes. These research procedures guide requests for the process of systematic inquiry into the college union and student activities profession, acknowledging that some other assessment, evaluation, and data analysis projects might not apply.

Researchers seeking permission to conduct research using ACUI membership lists (mailing or email addresses) must submit written requests to the ACUI Research Program Team. Requests must include the following:

  • A clear definition of the ACUI member information the researcher wishes to use.
  • Brief biographies of the lead researcher and any co-researchers, including ACUI affiliation.
  • Contact information for the lead researcher and ACUI membership status, if applicable.
  • Title, objective, and purpose of the proposed research project, including research questions, background information and brief overview of pertinent literature, and need for the research or statement of problem.
  • Value of proposed research to ACUI, the ACUI Research Agenda, and/or the college union and student activities profession.
  • Detailed description of proposed methodology (research design, proposed research population and sampling plan, overview of data collection procedures, assumptions, limitations, key operational definitions).
  • Proposed project timeline including data collection start date and end date.
  • Copies of all cover letters/invitations, follow-ups/reminders, and data collection instruments, as well as any other documents that would be sent to ACUI members or used to guide interviewer-administered data collection (e.g., conducting telephone surveys).
  • Estimate of time required of ACUI members to participate.
  • Evidence of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for any human subject research proposals.

Research requests must fit within the ACUI vision and purpose, be culturally appropriate, and comply with ACUI’s code of ethics. Research supported by ACUI must be conducted in a timely fashion in relation to the request, preferably within a year’s time.

The process must provide assurance that ACUI members will not be unreasonably burdened by research participation requests. As such, the ACUI Research Program Team will closely monitor the number of requests and will not approve more than three research requests per academic semester.

Researchers granted member access will be required to provide, at a minimum, a one-page summary of the findings of the research for possible publication by ACUI, while it is encouraged—and may be expected—that the complete results will be shared broadly with the ACUI membership though conference programs and ACUI publications.

Upon obtaining permission for using the membership information to conduct research, the lead researcher inherently understands and agrees to adhere to all ACUI policies regarding the use of ACUI member address lists for the purpose of conducting research, as confirmed through the request process.

Requests, as well as questions regarding these procedures, shall be submitted to the leader and Central Office liaison at