Regional Director

The regional director is an elected position that serves as the chief administrator for the region and as the primary liaison between the association officers, Central Office, other regional directors, project program teams, and member institutions. Applications for this position will be collected again in 2023.

Regional Leadership Team

There are 11 positions on the Regional Leadership Team in each of ACUI’s eight regions, all playing an important role in the success of regional programs and services through their dedication as volunteers. Applications for open positions on the Region VIII Leadership Team will close November 30.

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Regional Conference Planning Team

Members of these teams collaborate with the regional conference coordinator to plan all needs before, during, and after the regional conference each year. Applications to join future Region VIII Conference Planning Teams will be collected later this year. Applications for open positions on the Region VIII Conference Planning Team will close November 30. 

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Regional Conference Management Team

Members of the Conference Management Team are primarily responsible for working collaboratively with the Conference Planning Team and the Regional Leadership Team to assist in the planning and execution of specific projects or elements of the regional conference. Applications for this opportunity will be collected later this year. Applications for open positions on the Region VIII Conference Management Team closed on October 19. 

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Other Opportunities

Our region is offering the opportunity to volunteer on an episodic basis. This means if you are interested in volunteering with Region VIII but cannot commit to a long-term volunteer role, complete the ACUI Region VIII Volunteer Interest Form linked below and you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator to help when we need volunteers for a short-term project. Episodic volunteer opportunities are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals. Led by the volunteer coordinator, these volunteers may be called upon to help with drive-in workshops, awards and scholarship selection committees, educational session program reviewing, or other educational programs. These episodic opportunities will have expectations, but no official requirements in terms of time or attendance.

To join one of the teams listed below, please complete the Episodic Interest Application. The Region VIII Volunteer Coordinator will review your application and be in contact regarding this volunteer opportunity and connect you to the appropriate Regional Leadership Team member based on your interest.

Awards and Scholarship Volunteer Team

The Awards and Scholarship Volunteer Team is a committee of people who will be called upon in mid- to late October and again in May to review nominations and submissions for various regional award and scholarship opportunities.

If selected, committee members review and provide feedback on submissions/nominations while avoiding personal conflicts of interest. This may be conducted via email and/or conference call, based on the availability of its members.

Educational Program Team

Members of the Educational Program Team will:

  • participate in educational and online education programs that the region hosts.
  • volunteer to take on delegated tasks necessary to the successful execution of Region VIII educational programming.
  • have opportunities to work with the inclusivity and online learning coordinators if they require assistance in their education programming.
  • participate in a monthly conference call led by the educational program coordinator to check in on progress and plans for upcoming programs, and to reflect on past programs.

Regional Conference Educational Session Review Committee

Members of the Regional Conference Educational Session Review Committee will be called upon sometime between late July and September to review educational sessions submitted for Region VIII's regional conference.

This committee should keep in mind ACUI Core Competencies, professional and student interests, and offer a variety of topics to our regional delegates for the regional conference.

Communications Team

Members of the Communications Team will:  

  • be given opportunities to help generate content for regional communication, including but not limited to email newsletters, visual communication, slide shows, and video production.
  • volunteer to take on delegated tasks from the communications coordinator and/or web & social media coordinator.
  • be asked to commit minimal time throughout the year based on their own availability and interest in graphic design, writing, photography, and editing.