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Managing Internal Student Organization Conflict (online)
Monday, October 28, Noon Eastern

In this session, we will discuss the types of conflicts we tend to see in student organizations, how advisors can be involved, tips for successful meditations, and how to help groups be proactive in avoiding unnecessary conflict. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of ways to lead a group through internal conflict and the consequences organizations may face if conflict is not resolved.

About the Presenter

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Dawn Savage studied psychology at James Madison University and attended the University of Connecticut for graduate school, studying higher education and student affairs. She has worked in some capacity with student organizations for the past five years. In her current role as a program coordinator for student organizations at the Pennsylvania State University, she works closely with student organizations in their day-to-day management, including officer trainings, conflict management within organizations, and organization registration.

Regional Conference
November 14–16 | Rowan University

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Region VII Goals

  • Establish and maintain communication pathways and a timetable for regional needs
  • Create and increase awareness of products and services available from corporate partners
  • Engage regional members in participation of regional communication and strategies
  • Demonstrate the value of regional experiences
  • Strive to have the most inclusive and diverse experiences and membership within ACUI
  • Provide excellent scholarship and award opportunities within the region
  • Maximize the opportunities for members, leaders, and corporate partners to connect
  • Orient, connect, and continue the engagement of student members at regional and/or international programs, activities, etc.
  • Celebrate our member institutions, their unions, and our volunteers
  • Attract former and new institutions to the region and Association
  • Provide educational programs for professionals and students that create meaningful and valuable takeaways to bring back to their own campus
  • Deliver a comprehensive calendar of educational events that spans the year, reaches the many different types of members, and crosses all core competencies of the Association in a purposeful and intentional way
  • Utilize different learning styles and formats in delivering educational offerings
  • Identify regional experts and experienced members for future and upcoming educational offerings
  • Ensure that we foster and embrace an ACUI family feel at all regional events
  • Transition all members into Region VII and identify meaningful experiences that will harbor a regional identity and connection to VII
  • Engage all regional members in the development of the Region VII story
  • Capture regional history and records for archival purposes with the intent to honor our past, present, and future
  • Plan thoughtfully and fiscally for the long-term success of the region, its programs, and scholarship longevity
  • Maximize participation in all recruited opportunities (volunteers, scholarships, awards)

More About ACUI Region VII

Past Region VII Conferences

2018: State College, Pennsylvania
November 1–3, Pennsylvania State University, "Pride in Our Roots"

2017: Baltimore
November 2-4, University of Maryland–Baltimore County, “Discover Your Anthem”

2016: Pittsburgh
November 11–13, University of Pittsburgh, “Navigating the Current”

2015: Philadelphia
November 12–15, Temple University, "Inspiration Everywhere"

2014: Buffalo, New York
November 6–8, University at Buffalo, “Ground Breaking: Our Journey Begins”

Region VII Directors

Vincent Jackson, University of Delaware

Neela Patel, Rutgers University

Michael Patterson, SUNY–New Paltz

Role of the Regions

The regions are a primary connection point for engagement in the association. Regions provide inclusive and accessible community-building educational experiences designed to reach professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students. Regional opportunities provide leadership training, networking, and professional development for our members.