Connect with the Regional Leadership Team members below to find out more about regional-specific involvement.

Regional Director
David Lemon
University of St. Thomas
Phone: 651-962-6175
Student Member

Tricia Dobrient
Marquette University
Phone: 414.288.0507

Communications Coordinator
Kristin Erdman
Iowa State University
Phone: 515-294-2549
Student Involvement Coordinator
Aaron Flynn
University of North Dakota
Phone: 701-777-0872
Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
Brent Freeman
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Phone: 402-472-8169
2019 Regional Conference Coordinator
Beth Galatis
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Phone: 612-624-7294
Educational Programs Coordinator
Danielle Kroencke
Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville
Phone: 618-650-2303

Recognition Coordinator

Ali Myszewski
Marquette University
Phone: 414.288.3129

Membership Experience Coordinator
Tim Reuter
Iowa State University
Phone: 515-294-0404
Communications Coordinator
Rachel Wussow
University of Wisconsin–Green Bay
Phone: 920-465-2910
2018 Region V Leadership Team