Volunteer for the 2022 Region V Conference Planning Team

Apply to volunteer on the 2022 Region V Conference Planning Team

Note: because of the application's scope and length, you may find it helpful to draft your responses prior to submitting them electronically. You will need to upload an updated resume, and you are encouraged to upload your signed Institutional Support Form so that all documents are filed together. 

Questions about deadlines or about the application process can be directed to Cynthia Thompson at cthom2@uis.edu.

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Thanks for Mackey Mitchell for their Bronze Sponsorship of this year's regional conference.

2021 Region V Award Recipients

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2021 Region II & V Joint Graphics Contest Winners

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Region V Goal Framework

  • Have a program outside of conference
  • Engage members who don't attend conference
  • Utilize different delivery methods
  • Diversify institutions represented in leadership positions
  • Nominate volunteers
  • Improve ongoing engagement
  • Keep students engaged beyond conference
    • Create a cohort mentality
  • Capture stories in the region through personal storytelling
  • Explain the value of the regional conference
  • Value financial strength
  • Have a research component
    • Justification
    • Regional benchmarking
  • Reach out to nonmembers and inactive members