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Upcoming Events

Deeper Dive with Ron Roecker: “Building Your Lighthouse so You Can Stand in Your Light”
Tuesday, November 17, 1 p.m. Central

This roll-up-your-sleeves working session is centered around the passions and skills of each participant. Ron Roecker's "Define and Headline Your Personal Brand for a More Successful Next Chapter," has helped celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, and spokespeople define their personal brands for two decades.

This process will cover the next steps from his conference keynote on how to evaluate where your brand is today, looking at the competitive landscape, and determining what you're passionate about personally and professionally. Roecker will give you a detailed overview of all three phases, and you will leave this complimentary follow-up session well on your way to completing the most crucial section: Phase I. Read more about Ron Roecker and this event.

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