Role of the Regions

The regions are a primary connection point for engagement in the association. Regions provide inclusive and accessible community-building educational experiences designed to reach professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students. Regional opportunities provide leadership training, networking, and professional development for our members. 

July 2022 Movement Challenge Results

The winner of the ACUI Movement Challenge is Region II! This region rocked it with a total of 2,921,553 steps and close behind was Region VIII with 2,454,669 steps. As a whole, we traveled about a quarter of the way around the earth with a total of 12,922,441 steps logged throughout July—wow!  

Each region had their own super stars:

  • Region I – Joseph Koluder, Chapman University
  • Region II - Andrea Trevino, University of Houston
  • Region III - Kathryn-Ruth Sasser, Auburn University
  • Region IV - Jenn Cook, Western Washington University
  • Region V - Annie Wood, Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Region VI - Sarah Aikman, Northern Kentucky University
  • Region VII - Zachary Lomas, Rutgers University-Camden 
  • Region VIII - Mary Connelly, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Central Office – John Taylor, ACUI

Congratulations to Zachary Lomas for having the overall highest step count in this year’s challenge, with nearly 600,000 steps logged.

Regions Map 2