Role of the Regions

The regions are a primary connection point for engagement in the association. Regions provide inclusive and accessible community-building educational experiences designed to reach professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students. Regional opportunities provide leadership training, networking, and professional development for our members. 

2021 Wellness Programming

To support ACUI members in caring for each other and living healthy and fulfilling lives, the regional educational program coordinators are collaborating on an eight-month series of programming centered on the eight dimensions of wellness.

Explore the dimensions below and stay tuned for more information to come throughout the year!

May: Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness focuses on approach life with respect for our surroundings, promoting harmony with the Earth and interacting with nature. Explore opportunities this month to raise your awareness of issues of your personal environment.

Embedding Sustainability in Your Campus Community

Region VII sponsored this workshop on May 26

Are you worried about the threats of climate change? Want to learn more about sustainability and how you can champion social impact work with students and on your campus? Check out this video recording of the May workshop with Perry Dripps, sustainability program coordinator for student organizations at Penn State University in Region VII.

July: Social Wellness

Social wellness focuses on creating networks of support to help you more effectively and comfortably perform. Explore opportunities this month to develop encouraging relationships with peers throughout your personal and professional lives.

Pick-Me-Up Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday, July 21 at 11 a.m. Eastern

Save the date for this opportunity to come together with others across the association to get to know colleagues and share stories informally.

July: Physical Wellness

Physical wellness focuses on opportunities to maintain a healthy body, through activities such as exercise, eating well, and having healthy sleeping habits. Explore opportunities this month to be physically active, cook healthy meals, and get your rest.

July Movement Challenge

All regions are partnering on an association-wide movement challenge

Back for the second year, sign up for the July Movement Challenge, get away from your desk or couch to engage in physical activity, and log your steps counts on a weekly basis. Last year, almost 38 million steps were logged throughout the month, with Region II accounting for the most. 

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August: Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness focuses on finding joy in the contributions you make to your endeavors at work. As we approach the new academic year, explore opportunities this month to attend to the personal satisfaction and enrichment you find through the projects you are working on.

Region VIII will be coordinating programming in August; stay tuned for more information.

September: Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness focuses on participating in academic, cultural, and community activities to promote being open to new ideas. Explore opportunities this month to expand your knowledge and tap into creative, mentally stimulating activities. 

Region VI will be coordinating programming in September; stay tuned for more information.

October: Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness focuses on effectively understanding your feelings and identifying strategies to cope with stress. This month, pay attention to your self-care—relaxing, reducing stress, and expanding your inner resilience to learn and grow from all experiences.

Region II and Region V will be coordinating programming in October; stay tuned for more information.

November: Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness focuses on seeking meaning and purpose behind your pursuits, which can be represented through relaxation, religion, and/or meditation. Explore opportunities this month to reflect on how your core set of values can help your to address the issues you encounter during daily life.

Region I will be coordinating programming in November; stay tuned for more information.

December: Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness focuses on how to be successful in managing your money, which plays a critical role in how we perform in our personal and professional lives. Explore opportunities this month set financial goals and manage the anxiety of holiday spending.

Region III will be coordinating programming in December; stay tuned for more information.

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2020 Virtual Regional Conferences Library

Featuring videos from select sessions presented during the 2020 virtual regional events, those who had registered for an event can access all videos from all events through this new library. Contact with questions regarding access to the resources.

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