Role of the Regions

The regions are a primary connection point for engagement in the association. Regions provide inclusive and accessible community-building educational experiences designed to reach professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students. Regional opportunities provide leadership training, networking, and professional development for our members. 

2021 Wellness Programming

To support ACUI members in caring for each other and living healthy and fulfilling lives, the regional educational program coordinators are collaborating on an eight-month series of programming centered on the eight dimensions of wellness.

Explore the dimensions below and stay tuned for more information to come throughout the year!

May: Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness focuses on approach life with respect for our surroundings, promoting harmony with the Earth and interacting with nature. Explore opportunities this month to raise your awareness of issues of your personal environment.

Embedding Sustainability in Your Campus Community

Region VII sponsored this workshop on May 26

Are you worried about the threats of climate change? Want to learn more about sustainability and how you can champion social impact work with students and on your campus? Check out this video recording of the May workshop with Perry Dripps, sustainability program coordinator for student organizations at Penn State University in Region VII.

July: Social Wellness

Social wellness focuses on creating networks of support to help you more effectively and comfortably perform. Explore opportunities this month to develop encouraging relationships with peers throughout your personal and professional lives.

Pick-Me-Up Wellness Wednesday

This interactive discussion occurred on Wednesday, July 21.


July: Physical Wellness

Physical wellness focuses on opportunities to maintain a healthy body, through activities such as exercise, eating well, and having healthy sleeping habits. Explore opportunities this month to be physically active, cook healthy meals, and get your rest.

July Movement Challenge

All regions partnered on an association-wide movement challenge

The winner of the ACUI Movement Challenge is Region II! This region rocked it with a total of 6,017,794 steps and 28 individuals reporting. Region VI placed second with 2,592,273 steps, and honorable mentions go to Region VIII for having the highest average steps per person (276,920) and to Andrea Trevino for logging over 150,000 steps more than any other participant!

As a whole, a total of 20,244,915 steps were logged throughout July—which would have more than covered the distance to travel between our challenge participants in Dublin, Ireland and Kapolei, Hawaii.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun event. Each region had their own super stars:

  • Region I – Samantha Liu, California State University, Northridge (245,172 steps)
  • Region II - Andrea Trevino, University of Houston (741,052 steps)
  • Region III - Kathryn-Ruth Sasser, Auburn University (346,594 steps)
  • Region IV - Jenn Cook, Western Washington University (336,626 steps)
  • Region V - Steve Fox, Minnesota State University Moorhead (465,907)
  • Region VI - Kris Day, University of Michigan–Dearborn (400,850 steps)
  • Region VII - Eddie Seavers, Ramapo College (503,179 steps)
  • Region VIII - Una Redmond, Dublin City University (540,912 steps)
August: Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness focuses on finding joy in the contributions you make to your endeavors at work. As we approach the new academic year, explore opportunities this month to attend to the personal satisfaction and enrichment you find through the projects you are working on.

Strike a Balance Workshop

Region VIII sponsored this workshop on August 11.

To “Strike a Balance,” we need to push beyond the flawed perception of a work-life balance and remove the notion that our work is in direct competition with our life. This is a two-hour, interactive, and self-reflective online seminar. Key concepts of the program will include: work-life balance; 360 audit; group activity; mindset mastery; stress management techniques; boundaries; readiness for change; and the Return to Work Well Life Vision Statement.

Download the Wellness Workbook [PDF]

October: Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness focuses on participating in academic, cultural, and community activities to promote being open to new ideas. Explore opportunities this month to expand your knowledge and tap into creative, mentally stimulating activities.

Exploring Intellectual Wellness through Creativity 

The program was scheduled on October 19, sponsored by Region VI. 

During this 50 minute experiential session, join Robin Scully from Virginia Tech to discuss how to recognize when you may need a boost in your intellectual wellness and practice some simple methods for tapping into your creative potential to aid in that boost.  Designed as a transferable skill to be shared with your colleagues and students.

October: Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness focuses on effectively understanding your feelings and identifying strategies to cope with stress. This month, pay attention to your self-care—relaxing, reducing stress, and expanding your inner resilience to learn and grow from all experiences.

Emotional Wellness

Region II and Region V will be coordinating this session on October 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

This presentation will provide exercises to help you manage your own emotional wellness through specific practices that can help you take care of your emotional self to feel more relaxed, productive, and connected. You will leave with specific things you can do to take care of yourself emotionally and manage stress.

The program will be presented by Jessica Scoggins, MA, LPC (Jessica Endres #78014), a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in College Station, TX. She mostly works with adults who have experienced neglect and sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Most of her clients are working to manage attachment issues, personality disorder symptoms, PTSD, complex PTSD, and dissociative disorders. She focuses on individual counseling services and virtual weekly DBT Skills Groups. Jessica has clinical experience in various settings including a psychiatric hospital, local mental health authority, rape crisis center, and domestic violence shelter. Her clinical training includes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Basic, PRECI, ASSYT, Group). She is also a trained yoga instructor. Presently, she is also a doctoral student in Counselor Education and Supervision at Sam Houston State University. In her research, she focuses on the identification and treatment of dissociation and dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Join the Live Session

November: Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness focuses on seeking meaning and purpose behind your pursuits, which can be represented through relaxation, religion, and/or meditation. Explore opportunities this month to reflect on how your core set of values can help your to address the issues you encounter during daily life.

Meditation Sessions with Richard Cardona

Region I will be sponsoring two meditation programs in November.

Join Richard Cardona, manager of the Oasis Wellness Center, to 30-minute flash meditation sessions. You will be guided through a meditation to help you get centered and find your calm.

  • Thursday, November 4 at 1 p.m. Eastern
  • Thursday, November 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern

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December: Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness focuses on how to be successful in managing your money, which plays a critical role in how we perform in our personal and professional lives. Explore opportunities this month set financial goals and manage the anxiety of holiday spending.

Region III will be coordinating programming in December; stay tuned for more information.

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