Promote your next event. Increase brand awareness. Drive traffic to your department. 

ACUI Promos offers creative branding solutions that help you achieve your marketing and communications goals using promotional products.

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Why buy from ACUI Promos?
  • Save Time: ACUI Promos works with numerous suppliers, listing thousands of available products on one site.
  • Save Money: ACUI offers lower prices than many other promotional product distributors in the industry.
  • Support ACUI: Money spent through ACUI Promos is reinvested in the Association’s educational offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders take?

This depends on variables such as product, supplier, quantity, and shipping. It is a good idea to plan for production time to run 7–10 days after proof approval. Proofs take up to 48 hours to generate, and shipping can take another 2–5 days. In total, orders run from 2–4 weeks.

Note: Due to COVID-19, average production might take 5-10 business days longer.

Can I see a proof?

In most cases, yes. Many suppliers send proofs for free; some charge for proofs. Proofs come after the order has been formally placed. It is possible to request a mock-up before the order is placed, but please understand that this will increase your order time by 48–72 hours.

Which art file types will work?

Your art files should be saved in vector format. Vectors are typically created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.eps). Vectors can also be saved as a .pdf. Vector files can be resized yet still maintain the integrity and shape of the image.

If your image contains text, please make sure that all fonts are converted to outlines. This will allow the supplier to access your exact font.

File types that do not work are .png, .tiff, and .jpg as they do not have a high enough resolution to print clearly. Please note that low-resolution art that is simply saved in Adobe Illustrator does not make it vector art.

Incorrectly formatted art will delay the order process. For this reason, it is best to have it ready before ordering. If you do not have someone to help you, ACUI is available for a charge. Please contact for art design inquiries.

Can I order a sample item?

In most cases, for both apparel and promotional products, the answer is yes. Rarely will a supplier not send a sample. To request a sample, email with the item number and shipping address. For apparel, when you are ready to return the sample, we will obtain a Return Authorization (RA) code for you. Write the RA code on the box in big, bold letters and return to sender.

My event is in about a week. Is it too late to order?

Not necessarily. Some suppliers can produce orders in 3–5 working days without a rush charge. This does depend on the item and supplier. If rush orders are necessary, there may be an upcharge on the product. Also, please understand that most rush orders waive the proof in order to print quickly. Additionally, expedited shipping may be required. Please be prepared for high shipping costs if that is the case.