Let ACUI help you with your upcoming virtual events.

ACUI's new virtual event service allows us to share our expertise with members as you seek ways to keep students and the greater campus community engaged during the pandemic. You focus on your students and allow ACUI to help manage the details of your virtual events.

How Can ACUI Help?

ACUI is here to support your team and the success of your program, so you don't have to worry about:

  • Investigating and securing a virtual event platform
  • Allocating limited staff time to learn new software that will be used infrequently
  • Producing an entire virtual event on your own Underwhelming participants with just “another Zoom meeting”

ACUI has a proven track record in producing high-quality virtual events, from a one-day seminar to robust multi-day conferences. Our staff can help you overcome obstacles, prepare for the unexpected, and be your partner in implementing a successful virtual event by:

  • Hosting planning meetings to ensure the event stays on track
  • Conducting trainings for event staff and rehearsals for keynotes and high-profile speakers or performers
  • Incorporating opportunities for participants to be engaged throughout the virtual experience
  • Creating the entire event within the platform, including the incorporation of your branding and messaging
  • Providing thorough day-of support to ensure the platform meets your needs and all stakeholders are satisfied

Contact Kelsie Holt at kholt@acui.org to learn more about our customizable packages that will provide the level of support you need, from being there "just in case" to assisting with every detail.

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Virtual Event