Investing in Our Profession

At the 2023 ACUI Annual Conference, the Investing in our Profession campaign was officially launched, now with over $150,000 pledged to support a future endowment that will provide scholarships for ACUI members to gain professional certification. This campaign with improve access for those seeking to demonstrate their ongoing learning and competence in the profession—enhancing their career pathways and credibility.

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Cover Your Certification Expenses Now

While the campaign continues through 2025, the Education and Research Fund has allocated funding now to support certification-related expenses. Applicants can receive scholarships to cover the fees related to the College Unions specialty exam and the ACUI Certification Prep Program. 

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Thank You!

Thanks to the generosity of over 250 donors, a total of $62,642 was raised in 2022 to support positive change in the college union profession through research, education, and scholarships. In 2022, the Education and Research Fund:

  • Provided $20,653 in support for 17 program registrations and 15 conference lodging stays through the Financial Assistance Fund.
  • Raised $39,655 through the 2022 Day of Giving, the highest amount raised in the history of the program.
  • Presented over $10,000 in awards, scholarships, and grants to support professional development and research. 
  • Celebrated the impact of three outstanding Legacy Leader Award recipients: Missy Burgess, Debra Hammond, and Sharon Silverstein.

The Education and Research Fund giving levels are established to represent lifetime cumulative giving. With over 770 giving society members, congratulations to the 41 of those who were inducted to a new giving level in 2022.

Tiffany Brodner, Rochester Institute of Technology


Tiffany Brodner,
Rochester Institute of Technology

"The award we received through the Financial Assistance Fund allowed us to continue being a member and remain connected at a time when information was so quickly shifting. We were able to talk about best practices, troubleshooting, and solutions in a way that felt safe, and to network with colleagues who were all going through similar (or very different) situations. Personally, it allowed me to remain an active volunteer and continue serving on the regional leadership team. My commitment to ACUI, and living those values, made me a better and more marketable professional through my job search. "

Renae Mantooth, North Carolina State University


Renae Mantooth,
North Carolina State University

"Being in the field of architectural research, I have found a lot of value being in ACUI because there is an emphasis on the pragmatic nature of how research can directly influence students. The funding allowed me to provide incentives for research participants, and being recognized and valued by an industry was personally an honor. It was important for me to learn from ACUI’s voice so I could think about it from an architectural perspective. It has had a huge impact on my way of thinking and knowing, being grounded in who the users of a building are and what their focuses are."

Yakima Melton, Rutgers University


Yakima Melton,
Rutgers University

"Receiving the Greer Dawson Wilson Scholarship reminded me of what ACUI stands for: it's not just a professional association—it's a family, it's a community. When we talk about building community, this is what it means, that we are pouring into our professionals and our students. Using the funds to attend a professional development seminar, it allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals, and they poured into me the same way I try to pour into my students and colleagues. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to think outside of box about how I can, as a woman of color, advance in this profession. "

Impact of Gifts

Given the financial pressures higher education is facing as a result of the pandemic, ACUI is committed to ensuring donations in 2021 enable campus community builders to receive professional development and access needed resources.


Financial support from the variety of scholarships available to attend ACUI programs helps another generation of leaders further their learning and commitment to the profession.

2020 Scholarship Recipients - Stidd and Melton


Little research exists about college unions, and we want to change that. The Education and Research Fund has helped finance research on student learning through the built environment, involvement, and campus employment. This is done through offerings such as the Research and Education Grant and the Daniel M. Maxwell Dissertation of the Year Award.

2020 Reseach Award Recipients - Heidi Lang and Dorsey Spencer

Giving Opportunities

Make a Gift

Reoccurring or one-time gifts can be made in any amount via check or credit card to help advance campus community any time of year. Every dollar counts!

Knot Club

I-LEAD® alumni are encouraged to donate in honor of the year attended to support the Meg Sutton I-LEAD® Scholarship, allowing future generations of student leaders to experience this life-changing program.

Conference Events

Engage supporters through the FUNd Run/Walk/Roll, bid on auction items during the Annual Conference, or participate in a signature event at the Annual Conference.

2020 Scholarship Recipients - Victoria Rice and Denee Jenkins
2020 Scholarship Recipients - Sydney Scott and Keith Kowalka
2020 Scholarship Recipients - Edi Kuhn and Spencer Vincent

Matching Gifts

Employer matching programs can double or triple your gift. If your or your spouse/partner’s company has a matching program, email Fundraising Manager Justin Rudisille to learn how to best navigate options.

Named Giving

Continue the legacy of a deserving individual by making a gift in their honor or giving to a named award endowment. For information about naming opportunities, please contact ACUI CEO John Taylor.

Estate Giving

Plan your philanthropic legacy through a bequest or list the Education and Research Fund as a retirement or insurance beneficiary. Learn more by contacting ACUI Director of Finance and Administration Dave Teske.