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COVID-19 Protocols

Do I have to wear a mask?
In line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ACUI will require that masks are worn by all staff, athletes, coaches, and spectators when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. The mask must cover your nose and mouth.
Do I need to be vaccinated to participate?

ACUI requires participating collegiate athletes and coaches to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative molecular or antigen COVID-19 test within 72 hours (3 days) of your departure for the competition.

Local teams and those who not staying overnight in the vicinity will recognize their departure date as the first day of the competition. No team members or coaches are permitted to attend any part of the competition if they test positive within 10 days of the event. 

What if I’m not vaccinated?

Those who are not vaccinated must have a negative molecular or antigen COVID test within 72 hours (3 days) of the departure for the competition. 

Local teams and those who not staying overnight in the vicinity will recognize their departure date as the first day of the competition. No team members or coaches are permitted to attend any part of the competition if they test positive within 10 days of the event. 

What COVID-19 safety measures will be in place?

ACUI has many safety measures in place to protect athletes, coaches, and event staff. These procedures were recommended by an external safety consultant and align with CDC guidelines:

  • All athletes, coaches, and event staff must be vaccinated or receive a negative test no more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure for the event.
  • Upon check-in, athletes and coaches will have to complete a health screening.
  • Teams are encouraged to leave the range after competing; we recommend that teams minimize exposure to one another.
  • All competitors, coaches, event staff, and spectators must wear masks when indoors.
  • All competitors, coaches, event staff, and spectators are encouraged to practice physical distancing.
  • In lieu of a ceremony, awards will be mailed to winning competitors following the event.
What should I do if I have symptoms, have been exposed, or test positive before the event?

No team members or coaches are permitted to attend any part of the competition if they test positive within 10 days of the event. If you do test positive, or feel you may be positive due to symptoms or exposure, do not travel to the event.

Full credit (or refund as requested) will be issued for participants who need to cancel due to COVID-19 illness or exposure. ACUI is not responsible for travel/lodging fees and will not provide reimbursement in case of a cancellation.

What about spectators?

Spectators are expected to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including wearing a masks, covering nose and mouth, when indoors or interacting with event staff at the registration area, regardless of vaccination status. 

Additionally, recommended gathering limits and range capacity limits will be taken into consideration.

Spectators, like athletes, are encouraged to leave the range (or relocate to designated spectator areas, such as on-site camp grounds) once your student has completed competition.

Noncompliant guests may be asked to leave at any time.

Many event locations do not have restrictions. Does this change safety requirements in place for the clay targets event?
ACUI is not removing any requirements in place to ensure a safe environment for all competitors, coaches, and staff. Vaccination proof or negative tests will be required to attend; and all competitors, coaches, and event staff will need to wear masks and follow physical distancing guidelines while indoors.
Is there a chance events will be canceled?

ACUI will continue to assess the safety of hosting each event. If cancellation becomes necessary, registered teams will receive notice as soon as possible.

Full credit (or refund as requested) will be issued for canceled events. ACUI is not responsible for travel/lodging fees and will not provide reimbursement in case of a cancellation. 

Will these COVID-19 protocols be in place all season?

ACUI will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation as the season progresses. Updates on protocols will be shared through the newsletter and with registered participants.

We believe in our clay targets community and know competing teams will support one another and ACUI by following these protocols just as you observe safety guidelines related to the sport.

What if I become COVID-positive following the event?

As part of your participation in this event, you committed to self-report to event officials or a COVID-19 point of contact if within 14 days before or after the event you have symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19.

ACUI will notify close contacts from the event, defined as registrants from the same campus or those who were squadded with you at any point. If multiple individuals become COVID-positive following the event, we will also notify health officials.

High School Participation

Why are high school students no longer able to participate?
In recent years ACUI has permitted high school participation at Bowl Series events. After evaluating this practice, and considering our organizational mission is focused on college students, events will no longer include high school student participants. This will enable our staff to continue to develop the program for our collegiate athletes.
What opportunities will there be for high school athletes and collegiate coaches to connect?
ACUI is assessing new avenues to engage high school students, many of whom may be interested in pursuing clay targets as a cocurricular activity during college. More information will be provided about these opportunities in the coming months. Additionally, ACUI has re-established the team directory to enable high school athletes to find coaches and team leaders for collegiate programs.
Can I bring my high school student/can I invite a high school student as a spectator to an ACUI event?
The ranges at which ACUI hosts its events are open to the public. Parents and coaches can make time to connect during the event. However, high school students will not be allowed to shoot as part of the ACUI collegiate program.
How do I/my high school student find out about collegiate programs?
ACUI has re-established the team directory to enable high school athletes to find coaches and team leaders for collegiate programs. This directory represents teams that are actively engaged with ACUI’s clay targets program.


What are the eligibility requirements to compete

Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • All participants must meet eligibility criteria established by their school.
  • All participants are limited to six years of eligibility. Students enrolled at two-year institutions are limited to three years of eligibility; if they transfer to a four-year school, six years total.
  • All undergraduate participants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as of the academic term in which they qualified for program; for graduate students, 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • All participants must be enrolled as of the academic term in which they qualified for the program for at least nine degree-seeking credit hours (six credits for graduate students) and must complete six credit hours between all program appearances.
  • All undergraduate and graduate student participants must be enrolled as a student in good conduct standing at the institution they represent, as determined by the institution in which they are currently enrolled.
  • For participation in national championship-level competitions, certification of eligibility must be made by an advisor or authorized staff member of the school. All participants in international-level competitions are required to provide registrar’s seal and signature.
How does my team sign up to compete?

High school teams and college teams will first want to get their account set up before they start the registration process. To get a team set up in our system, please fill out the online Team Information Form. Once submitted, we’ll reach out when the account is ready for the team to be registered.

Once the team is set up, you can find the event you’d like to attend and click the “Register” button to get started. If you need assistance processing registration for your team, please email

What if I don’t have a team; can I still compete?

We welcome individuals, teams, and anything in between to compete at the bowl series events. Team scores are based on your team name, but anyone can be squadded to shoot together, no matter their affiliation.

Individuals are welcome to compete at Nationals, but must be affiliated with their institution and may not compete as “Independent.”

Is membership required to compete?

No, membership is not required to compete in our events. Membership is only available for college teams and provides a registration discount. Interested in becoming a member of ACUI? Contact for more information about becoming a member.


Where can I find the schedule for an event?

The tentative schedule is listed in the Match Program, which can be found on the various event pages. The schedule is also posted, along with other information, under each individual event. Please note that all schedules posted online are tentative and subject to change. Final schedules will be emailed to participants the week of the event.

How do I pay for my registration

Payment can be processed through the registration portal (recommended). Payment can also be processed over the phone at 812.245.2284 or by mail at ACUI, 120 W. Seventh St., Ste. 200, Bloomington, IN 47404. Check and credit cards can be taken on site as well (not recommended).

I can no longer participate in the event. How do I cancel a registration?

Please follow the cancellation policy. If you would like to transfer your registration to someone else at no charge, email, and include your name and the name and email address of the person to whom you’d like to transfer your registration.

How do I squad my team?

Squadding opens on Friday the week prior to the event. When squadding is available, an email invitation is sent to the one person from each team who has registered through the event portal as the “Primary Team Contact.” Further instructions will be included in the squadding email.

Do I need to provide ammunition?

Limited ammunition might be available for purchase at the ranges. It is suggested that a team contact the individual ranges for availability of ammunition at least one week prior to the event. Cost of practice and competition ammo is at the expense of the competitor. Ammunition up to 1 oz. is allowed at all International conference events. For American events, check the appropriate rules for allowable loads.

Will space be provided to store firearms and ammunition at an event?
Limited firearm and ammunition storage might be available at the ranges. It is suggested that a team contact the individual ranges directly for availability of storage.
I need to rent a golf cart. Can I do that through ACUI?

No, all golf cart rentals are handled by the ranges. Please contact the individual ranges directly.

What disciplines are shot at each event?

The disciplines offered at each event will vary based on location. At a minimum, all events will offer American Trap, American Skeet, Sporting Clays, and Super Sporting. Different locations will offer Doubles American Trap, Doubles American Skeet, Bunker Trap, or International Skeet. Please refer to the Match Program or the events page for the course of fire for each event.

Do I have to shoot all disciplines being offered at each event?

Absolutely not! If you’re wanting to qualify for a High Overall Award, you’ll want to plan on shooting all disciplines available. But otherwise we welcome folks to shoot whatever they’d like.


What awards are offered at events?

Individual awards are broken into the following two categories: College Men’s and College Women’s. We award medals for first through third place in each discipline being offered at an event, in each category. Individual High Overall Award is also awarded for first place in each of these categories.

We also award first through third high overall teams.

How do I qualify for an Individual High Overall Award?
We’ll take the composite score of the four disciplines for American style and two events for International style. A competitor must shoot all disciplines being offered to qualify for a High Overall Award. For Super Shoots, we’ll award separate International and American HOAs, meaning that folks do not have to shoot all six disciplines offered.
How does my team qualify for a High Overall Award?

High Overall Award teams are determined by taking the top five totals of targets broken in the individual discipline (men’s or women’s). Total targets broken will be added together and yield the winning school. For example:

  • Top five Sporting Clays scores (men’s or women’s) plus the top five Super Sporting scores (men’s or women’s) plus the top five American Skeet scores (men’s or women’s) plus the top five American Trap scores (men’s or women’s). All individuals must be registered to shoot from the same school and have shot in all four disciplines (American style) for their individual event score to count for HOA.
  • International style events will add the top three scores (men’s or women’s) from Bunker Trap and International Skeet to determine team HOA.
  • Super Shoots will recognize high overall International teams and high overall American teams.


How does ACUI deal with infractions or complaints?

Depending on the level of the severity, infractions of the rules or guidelines will be dealt with in the following manner:  

  • First offense, upon notification to the match director, the athlete receives a verbal warning and the athlete has up to ten minutes to remedy the situation and continue competition. If further time or investigation is needed, athlete will be resquadded for the discipline they are competing in that day if time and fields allow. Should the athlete refuse, they forfeit competition until the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the match director. No further action would then be required.  
  • Should further action be required, that could include counsel with the match director, coach or advisor to the team/athlete, and protest committee.  
  • Upon second notification of offense, athlete will receive one target deduction in that day’s event. Readdressing the offense will follow the same process as first offense with goal of resolution.  
  • Upon third notification of offense, the athlete will be disqualified from the event and that score voided.  
  • The final result of a concern, with no other resolution reached, is the suspension of the athlete from the program for any remaining eligibility entirely.
What protocols are in place if a student acts inappropriately or if there is concern about the overall safety of event participants?

All coaches, officials, and participants are empowered to stop the line of fire and correct or report a safety violation.  

With thousands of participants, there has never been an incidence of violence or a serious firearm accident in the 50-year history of the ACUI clay target program. The ACUI firearm safety program has an exemplary safety record.             

In the almost 60-year history of organized youth clay target shooting programs there has never been an accident that resulted in a fatality. The insurance actuary tables list the clay target youth and college shooting programs as one of the safest youth and college activities in which students can participate.  

What is ACUI’s position regarding guns on campus in light of recent campus and mass shootings?

We condemn criminal misuse of firearms and believe gun owners have a responsibility to abide by all laws and regulations, including securing their firearms when not in use and ensuring safe handling at all times. Student competitors are often leaders in promoting gun safety. It also is prudent to draw a distinction between the use of a shotgun for club sports on a range designated for that purpose versus using an assault weapon with the intent to do harm on campus.   

ACUI club sport members store their firearms off campus, typically in lockers at their local practice range. 

Why does an organization for college unions run the clay targets program?

ACUI has historically offered sports not previously administered by the NCAA or other organizations that are either played within the college union recreation room or other areas of the building or at the request of student organizations who would like to compete in the sport. 

With 50 years of competitive shotgun sports history at ACUI, the program has grown from 200 to 1,000 athletes at the national championship and for years has hosted sectional-like competitions across the country.