Due to the continued impacts of COVID-19, we have determined that it is not safe or practical to move forward with the Summer Series events as planned. While we will no longer be hosting an in-person experience, we are planning a virtual competition!

How It Works

Anytime from July 17 through August 16, you can register and shoot your targets at your local range. Please be sure to follow COVID-19 guidelines and procedures that are in place to keep your community safe while you compete.

Competition is open to collegiate and high school athletes, as well as alumni, coaches, parents, friends, and industry partners, sponsors. You can shoot in the following disciplines: American Trap, American Skeet, Doubles American Trap, Doubles American Skeet.

Once completed, you will submit your scorecard here. Scorecards must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. Eastern on August 16.

Declaring a Team

While this event is open to more than collegiate athletes, we want to maintain our continued support of college students and their teams. Every individual is asked to declare the team they’d like to shoot on behalf of. At the end of the event, we’ll award the team that is represented by the HOA winners in the men’s and women’s divisions. Those teams will be awarded a contribution of $3,000 to their MidwayUSA Foundation endowment! To declare your team, please fill out this form.

  • Teams MUST be considered “Engaged” by the MidwayUSA Foundation. This means that they must have received a donation in the amount of $10 or more within the calendar year.
  • If the team you’d like to represent is not on the list (and therefore is not currently engaged), you can make a small donation ($10 or more) to their endowment account to add them to the list!


Registration is $15 per person, per discipline. You are responsible for target and other fees incurred at the range. 

Register Now

The standard eligibility requirements for ACUI Student Programs do not apply to this event. The ACUI Code of Conduct and Safety Guidelines are applicable to all participants and should be reviewed and adhered to throughout the duration of the event. High school participation will be limited to athletes who will be entering their junior or senior years.