Closing the Gap aims to provide BIPOC professionals with cohort-based education and mentorship. 

Participants gain insightful knowledge, tips, support, representation, and a larger network of student affairs professionals who understand the challenges and successes they have on a daily basis.  

It is our hope that Closing the Gap participants and supporters form a coalition that boosts representation in the field of higher education and removes the silos of marginalized groups often present in social justice work.

Meet the 2022 Cohort and Supporters

  • Facilitate peer networking across identities
  • Enhance visibility and success of leaders from marginalized identities within ACUI
  • Support professional development of mid-level professionals
  • Provide opportunities for cross-generational learning
  • Increase potential employers' access to a diverse pool of talented leaders


Participant Eligibility, Application, & Commitment

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Be a mid-level BIPOC professional looking to advance in their career
  • Have a willingness to engage in one on one meetings with a supporter monthly
  • Have a willingness to participate in monthly cohort gatherings
  • Serve as an ACUI volunteer prior to completion of the program (e.g., as a contributor)
  • Anticipate attending the Annual Conference

The deadline for 2022 has passed. For more information, please contact Mia Pino.


Senior-level professionals will provide coaching, career sponsorship, and personal experiences with Closing the Gap participants throughout the program. These experienced professionals will:

  • Actively engage with their assigned participant and the entire cohort throughout the program.
  • Collaborate with the other supports and Central Office liaison to determine monthly educational topics based off of cohort interest and needs.
  • Collaborate with other supports and Central Office liaison to facilitate each months' gathering.
  • Have a willingness to share resources, advice, and feedback with participants.

Applications and nominations are encouraged from professionals or recently retired individuals who:

  • Have been in the profession for at least 10 years or have director and/or vice president experience
  • Are a BIPOC professional, QPOC (queer person of color), and/or is a person of color with a disability/disabilities.
  • New supporters are encouraged, but if past supporters wish to serve in this role again, they are also encouraged to apply

The deadline for 2022 has passed. For more information, please contact Mia Pino.