The ACUI Values Award is presented to up to five individuals annually who continuously uphold the ACUI core values in their daily work. The importance of the college union is actively demonstrated through this individual's commitment to unconditional human worth, joy, learning, caring community, innovation, diversity, and integrity.

In a given year, one individual with ACUI membership from each of the following categories may receive this award:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • New professionals (up to five years of experience)
  • Mid- to senior-level professionals (more than 5 years of experience)
  • Associate members
2021 Recipients

Doyle Hytchye is the senior events manger of events management & conference services at the University of Texas–San Antonio. Hytchye’s embrace of the ACUI core values is reflected in his mentoring students, attending every learning opportunity available; he has a peaceful way of guiding others to see beyond their scope.

In describing Hytchye, one staff member said, “through his unwavering commitment to campus development in cohesiveness and innovative progress, I believe that he is deserving of this recognition.”

Doyle Hytchye

Rene Singleton, the University of Washington, has worked in higher education for more than four decades across multiple institutions, specifically within student activities, supporting student governance, programming, leadership, and activism. She has led the University of Washington Student Activities Office since 1990 and has become synonymous with student engagement at the university.

When describing Singleton and an infectious laugh, one nominator described shared moments of joy during otherwise serious moments: “The fact is that these moments showed Rene to be human, kind, hysterical, funny, caring, and authentic. It’s a lesson that our students continue to take away from their time with her.”

Rene Singleton
Past Recipients
  • 2020: Tricia Dobrient, Marquette University; David Lemon, University of St. Thomas; Michael MacStudy, Ramapo College
  • 2019: Michael Boerner, Stony Brook University; Kyle Burke, Northeastern Illinois University; and Victoria Lawler, California State University–Northridge
  • 2018: Tara Benson, Missouri State University
  • 2017: Amy Liss, University of Massachusetts–Lowell
  • 2016: Jessi Eaton, University of Minnesota–Duluth
  • 2015: Keith Kowalka, University of Houston
  • 2014: Tina Pinocci, Rowan University


The review process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of written evidence that the nominee has gone above and beyond to embody the ACUI core values in their work to advance campus community. An individual cannot receive the ACUI Values Award more than once.


    Individuals with ACUI membership are eligible for this award.


    Submission materials must include the following:

    1. Name, institution, and contact information of the nominee.
    2. Name, institution, and contact information of the nominator.
    3. Two to three letters in support of the applicant to receive the award written by individuals such as direct supervisors/advisors, peers/colleagues, students, faculty members, etc., addressing:
    • The achievements of the nominee in the profession.
    • The demonstrated commitment of the nominee to the criteria identified for this specific award.
    • A summary of the nominee’s background to provide evidence that they meet the criteria identified for this specific award, including information related to professional experience and volunteer service—providing a current resume or curriculum vitae for the nominee is optional.

    The nomination period for this award will open in October 2021.


    Electronic notification will be sent to confirm award submissions have been received. A confidential Individuals Awards and Scholarships Committee, appointed annually by the ACUI president, will review materials to make the selection. One recipient will be chosen, unless otherwise noted for the specific award. One physical award will be given to the recipient, who will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference and in subsequent publications.