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Equal Pay Day is March 24

March 24 is Equal Pay Day for all women, the day into the year on which it takes for women on average to earn what men did in 2020. It will be several more months until the equal pay days for Black, Native, and Latina women. Additionally, women do most of the world’s unpaid care work, especially women of color.

Given these challenges and the disparate impact of the pandemic on women and women of color, supervisors and administrators can consider applying a “Five R” framework to support caregivers: 

  • Recognize the unpaid care work for your organization, such as mentoring colleagues or supporting students through emotional trauma
  • Reduce and/or redistribute that work
  • Ensure women and caretakers are represented in decision making, such as continuation of remote or flexible scheduling
  • Reward care work (or at least avoid penalizing caretakers for it by flagging resume gaps)
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