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Community of Research and Assessment Introduced

ACUI recently renamed the Community of Scholars; it is now the Community of Research and Assessment.

The Community of Research and Assessment endeavors to cultivate a culture of assessment, facilitate a dialogue around related practice, and establish a balance between research and assessment. According to the community's purpose statement, members will strive "to build a system of support and resources for individuals interested and participating in research and assessment projects.”

When the community met at the 2018 Annual Conference, community leaders Dr. Ben Perlman and Ashley Lynn noted that members were interested in participating in research projects, collaborating on research projects, investigating doctoral study, and much more.

"What we discovered was that there is definitely interest in research and assessment, but that interest is coupled with just as many concerns," Perlman said. "One concern is the daunting image of what we sometimes imagine research to be. Another concern is the amount of time it takes to conduct sold, valid research. Professionals in higher education are already so busy with all of their responsibilities, volunteer positions, and personal obligations that it is often difficult to see how we can carve out time to tackle any addition projects, especially one as intensive as a research project!"

Co-leader Lynn agreed: "We are encouraging our community members to participate in research projects. You can write a literature review for the Bulletin, collaborate with a colleague in a short-term research project, peer review for your colleagues, or share advice/messages on a variety of topics (selecting a doctorate program, sharing a relevant TedTalk, or even offering words of encouragement for those currently involved in research projects!). It is our hope that this refocusing of our mission will lead to more engagement with ACUI members and our partners."

Many ACUI members regularly conduct assessment and some might be doing research without knowing it, Perlman said. The goal is for increased community engagement that can lead to a decrease in the daunting reputation surrounding this work.

"The more we can learn through research and assessment, and the more we can support one another in our research endeavors, the more resources we will have available to inform practice," Lynn said.
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