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Work Group Established to Assess Clay Targets Program

Amid recent gun violence, including tragedies on college campuses, we can all agree that student safety is a vital concern. Over the past two years, ACUI’s Campus Shooting Dialogue Team has provided opportunities for resource sharing and will soon transition to a new Emergency Management Community of Practice. However, more dialogue is needed.

As part of the national conversation about guns, it is appropriate for ACUI to thoughtfully examine one of our own programs that involves guns.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the ACUI clay targets program. During its history, thousands of young adults have benefited from the program’s student development focus and leadership opportunities in the clay targets community, with some even becoming U.S. Olympians. Safety and responsibility are embedded in each of ACUI’s clay targets events, which require students and coaches to be well trained.

However, we know members fall on both sides of the gun debate, and so the Board of Trustees is establishing a new work group to make recommendations on the following:

  • Assessment of how the program advances campus community, and recommended changes as applicable.
  • Processes and criteria to consider in accepting sponsorships and support from corporations and in developing program partnerships.
  • Efforts needed to provide intentional student development initiatives and leadership experiences for students participating in the program.
  • Information that would be most useful for ACUI members to have about the clay targets program.
  • Changes, if any, that should be put into place to ensure future continued success.

Applications from individuals interested in serving on this work group are due April 13.

As a learning organization, we constantly need self-examination. Our goal is to carefully look at how to best operate a successful student program within a larger society struggling with a challenging issue. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing updates as the work group begins its discussions.

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