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Members Encouraged to Participate in 'Where Respect Happens'

ACUI has joined other student affairs associations in a campaign aimed at reminding us all of the importance of respect in civil society and on our campuses.Where Respect Happens

Where Respect Happens seeks to communicate that student affairs is committed to student learning and development and recognizes that self-respect and respect for others are at the core of that process. 

The campaign is an opportunity for student affairs associations to collaborate in a message of support to students and professionals. It is an opportunity to amplify the voice of student affairs professionals within higher education, to provide thoughtful leadership in a time of deep uncertainty, and to support students as they navigate challenging situations on campus as well as their own inner turmoil about the future.

Other organizations involved in the campaign are:

How to Engage

Where Respect Happens is meant to be a grassroots campaign; this means that you and your department should approach it in a way that works best for you. Maybe you use this as an opportunity to connect across your campus with student affairs professionals. Maybe this campaign spurs new ideas and considerations when planning back to school trainings and events. Maybe you encourage your students to spread this message of positivity and understanding across social media. Whatever you choose to do, we’d love to see it and share it with the ACUI family!

Social Media 

Are you using this campaign to collaborate with peers? Snap a picture and post it. Are your students engaging with this campaign in training? Take a quick video and share it. However you choose to activate this campaign, we’d love to see it. Post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag #acui. We’ll share it as well and spread the word that, despite all the negative tenor in media and sometimes on our campuses, our profession, our facilities, and our programming are all Where Respect Happens.


Let others on campus know what you and your department are all about. Download the sticker file, print (preferably in color), and place stickers on office windows/doors/desk (as permitted by your campus) or to your car or bike, backpack, briefcase—wherever you can in order to communicate to students that you maintain space Where Respect Happens. This document is set up to print on 8.5×11 paper, Avery 8164 Sticker Labels.


Download this image file and request a T-shirt from ACUI Promos with the Where Respect Happens imagery. You may also use this image for the front pocket area. Wear it often!

Respect Matters

Research clearly indicates that students and professionals who feel respected are more engaged. They are more likely to share their ideas, contribute their thoughts, and work collaboratively. Students who feel respected are more likely to persist, graduate, and obtain gainful employment.

The recent Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) statement encourages campus leaders to engage in new ways regarding civility, inclusion, and diversity.

Where Respect Happens offers the opportunity to increase understanding about the role of student affairs professionals in creating opportunities for engagement in those activities when students:

  • Develop a curiosity about the perspective of others.
  • Seek to recognize a strength in another human being.
  • Look for opportunities to connect with and support other students.
  • Disagree and explain why.
  • Balance the time they spend talking and listening.
  • Need voice and agency in a nation that seems upside down.
  • Make meaning.
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