Mark your calendars for the 2022 ACUI Annual Conference, March 13–17!

Much has changed since 2019 and yet the importance of advancing campus community remains essential. You need this educational networking event to:

  • Exchange information, resources, and ideas with colleagues and industry partners. 
  • Find inspiration and build your contact list to confidently address what challenges the future may hold. 
  • Recharge through four days immersed in a caring community who affirms the importance of your role on campus.
Review Session Proposals

Help review Call for Content proposals! Members are needed to lend their perspective to the session review process. Complete the brief application by October 15 to participate.

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Associate Members

Associate members and other companies can learn more about engaging members through the Annual Conference Expo, sponsorship opportunities, and educational presentations.

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Explore the conference schedule today! You can use the filter feature to see the in-person and virtual experiences. Please note, this schedule is tentative and educational session information will be added later this year once the review process is complete.

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Call for Content Open Until October 26

This year's call for content is unlike anything the Association has ever done before! The 2022 Conference Program Team is providing two opportunities for selection to become a conference presenter.

This is an opportunity to share unique expertise with others, connect with colleagues, and get involved with ACUI in a way that makes a true difference. Apply to present in one or both of these ways noted below by October 26!

Volunteer to Present on Areas of Expertise

This option is for those who want to present at an Annual Conference but are not set on a certain format. You will volunteer your expertise to present on a topic of the Conference Program Team’s choosing. You will provide three areas of expertise during the application process. This is considered the Dynamic Content Delivery opportunity.

Volunteer to Present Now

Specify Your Session Content

This option is for those with a specific program, lesson, experience, or knowledge base you believe is beneficial to share with conference attendees. Those submitting via this process have a session idea and content format already in mind. This is considered the Specific Content Delivery opportunity.

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Content Formats

Dialogue Facilitation
A 60- to 90-minute facilitated discussion. Facilitators will be given a room and the option to bring in other presenters, panelists, and/or resources to help to engage participants in conversation. Facilitators will conclude by leading participants to creating a commonly agreed upon group action plan.
Flash Session
A 30-minute presentation on a selected topic to be presented individually or with a co-presenter(s). This delivery format provides a quick exploration of a topic area in and is designed for quick takeaways.
Panel Discussion
A 50- to 90-minute session where any combination of staff, students, and/or corporate partners come together and participate in a moderated discussion. Panelists speak from personal experiences and engage one another as they seek to enhance attendees’ understanding around a specific topic or content area.
A passive content delivery format that captures a snapshot of a given topic or content area via a poster. Information is geared toward engaging attendees in-person and/or virtually with a focus on providing information in a fun, creative, succinct, and engaging manner.
Product Demonstration
A brief 30-minute walkthrough or demonstration of a product. The goal is to expose attendees to new products or services as well as new updates or features to existing products or services.
Show and Tell “Hacks”
A 10-minute presentation about a unique solution to a common problem or challenge. In this session format, presenters will provide attendees a quick overview of a problem/challenge, and then explain the unique steps or processes adapted to solve and overcome it.
A 60-minute session where presenters facilitate an in-depth exploration around a useful or beneficial product or service. Unlike product demonstrations, presenters should plan to present to those who already have product/service and may want a deeper understanding of a more complex area. Presenters are expected to allow time for a general Q&A.
Traditional Session
A 50-minute presentation on a selected topic to be presented individually or with a co-presenter(s). This delivery format often explains or explores a specific topic area in depth and engages participants to think deeper in selected areas.
A 90- to 120-minute session aimed at engaging attendees through a combination of presentations, reflection, and/or group work. Workshops are meant to be “deep dives” into specific content areas and enhance attendees knowledge beyond a traditional educational session.

Preparing Submission

As you prepare your submission, ensure you can:

  • Fill a knowledge gap and/or provide information needed by colleagues
  • Answer a question or offer a solution to a problem in your expertise area or topic
  • Create a transferable presentation which can be applied broadly beyond your campus community where possible
  • Be succinct in your submission, use proper grammar and spelling, minimize jargon, and use concrete/specific language
  • Identify core competencies, and all other questions posed in the submission form
  • Develop a session you can commit to creating and presenting
  • Be flexible throughout selection process

Additionally, you must comply with all the eligibility requirements and language policies (found in the tabs below).


Every presenter at the ACUI Annual Conference must be registered for the conference. Additionally, all presenters must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • All individual members, employees, or students at an institutional member in good standing, and retirees are eligible to present educational sessions at the Annual Conference.
  • ACUI nonmembers representing not-for-profit organizations are eligible to present educational sessions. Nonmembers are encouraged to present with ACUI members whenever possible.
  • Corporate presenters at the ACUI Annual Conference will participate in a separate process in September.

Presenters' ability to present their session from the conference hotel may influence the selection process.


ACUI is committed to providing welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environments at its conferences and events. During our programs, we want all participants to share ideas, network, and enjoy the company of others, and we recognize that our ability to create this experience depends on the behavior of all in attendance.

Event speakers are expected to conduct themselves according to ACUI’s core values, and the ethical standards of the profession. All members of the ACUI community are to be considerate; refrain from any demeaning, harassing, or discriminatory behavior or speech; and immediately comply with any requests to discontinue objectionable behavior. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Offensive, hostile, or derogatory comments.
  • Disruptive actions unrelated to the intended purpose of the event.
  • Conduct that demonstrates a lack of professionalism or respect for another individual.

We ask that all presenters at ACUI conferences be mindful that our audiences include students and professionals from all types of campuses and educational institutions, as well as corporate and nonprofit members and partners. Every effort is expected of presenters and speakers to include appropriate language, material, and examples for the Association’s target audience and membership.

Technical Standards

To successfully deliver your content, we will require each presenter to:

  • Participate in a  training session in advance of the conference.
  • Be accessible during another means in case of emergency.
  • Grant ACUI permission to record, stream, broadcast, distribute, and subsequently utilize all session content without any expectation of rights, remuneration, or interest unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing by ACUI.
  • Be publicly listed as a session presenter.

Review Timeline

Prospective presenters, please note the following timeline:

  • July 1: Call for Content from campus members
  • September 1: Call for Content from corporate partners
  • October 12: Deadline for submissions through the Call for Content
  • October 13: Volunteer review and anonymous specific session review process begins
  • November: Presenters notifications sent
  • December: Conference education announced
  • January: Content scheduled
  • February: Presenter training

All dates subject to change.


Take advantage of hands-on learning, the collective wisdom of the group, and inspiration through idea sharing. Networking will be possible through casual interactions and structured opportunities that meet your comfort level. Find out more about the experiences offered for the 2022 Annual Conference below.

Need financial support? ACUI's Financial Assistance Fund is available; funding requests can be made for registration fees and hotel accommodations.

COVID-19 Protocols

The ACUI Annual Conference will have measures and protocols in place to provide attendees in Chicago with a high level of comfort while participating. 

Vaccinations or Negative Test

Everyone who attends the in-person conference must be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative molecular or antigen COVID-19 test within 72 hours (3 days) of your departure for the event. This policy applies to volunteers, exhibitors, staff, guests, and other participants in the ACUI Annual Conference.

In accordance with CDC guidelines for large events and gathering, masks are required indoors for all attendees during the event, as well as in any shared/enclosed transportation associated with event activities. Participants may remove masks when actively eating or drinking during designated meal/reception functions, or during any designated outdoor functions. Attendees are welcome to bring their own masks, and additional masks will be available at the event. 
Accommodations & Cancellation
  • ACUI will provide a full credit on account or transfer to virtual registration with refund of the balance for any cancellations due to company restrictions (proof required) or state, local, and federal government regulations regarding COVID-19.   
  • A registrant may change their registration from in-person to virtual attendance at any time, and ACUI will refund the difference in the registration fees. A registrant may change their registration from virtual to in-person attendance at any time, upon payment of the difference in the registration fees. Any refund or additional fee due to and from a registrant for changing registration shall be calculated on the basis of the registration fee applicable at the time of the registrant’s request.  
  • ACUI is not responsible for cancellation of any travel, hotel, or other arrangements related to participation in this event nor any cancellation fees from those arrangements.   
  • If you register to attend the in-person event and then find that you aren’t feeling well as your travel date approaches, please don’t travel! We can switch your registration to the virtual conference experience, allowing you to join us from the comfort of your home as you recuperate.  
  • Payment for all fees is due at the time of registration. All fees are listed in U.S. dollars. International currency will be accepted at the exchange rate prevalent at the time of payment. Login sharing and splitting are strictly prohibited.  
  • All registration cancellations and refund requests must be made by email to  
  • Substitutions are gladly accepted at any time; to substitute an attendee, email  
  • Refunds cannot be approved for cancellation requests received after March 10, 2021, to include no-shows. 
  • ACUI reserves exclusive right to modify, postpone/reschedule, or cancel this program for any reason. If there is an event cancellation, every attempt will be made to reschedule, and registration fees will be applied to the rescheduled event date. Any incidental expenses incurred related to a cancelled event cannot be refunded under any circumstances. If a cancelled event cannot be rescheduled, ACUI will determine an equitable basis for the refund or credit of a portion or all of the registration fees, after due consideration of circumstances and expenditures.

Chicago Experience & Virtual Experience

After three years, the ACUI community will be in person for the Annual Conference March 13–17, 2022, in Chicago. Make your plans to join ACUI!

The Chicago Experience includes:

  • Education and engagement experiences held onsite Sunday–Wednesday 

  • Access to Sunday’s programs focus on advancing community  

  • Workshops on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon (typically offered preconference with separate registration) 

  • One lunch and two dinners 

  • Exhibit hall access during open hours 

  • The virtual experience, including the online event platform and on-demand content available during and after the conference

For information about one-day attendance, please contact

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(through December 10)
(December 11–February 16)
(after February 16)
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Professional Nonmember
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Undergraduate Student Experience – I-LEAD® 2022 | March 13–15 at the 2022 Annual Conference

I-LEAD® will be hosted with the 2022 ACUI Annual Conference! Students and professionals will receive the unique experience and benefits of both I-LEAD® and Annual Conference. Meet, network, and learn from ACUI members and students from around the world, all in one place.

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Virtual Only Experience

ACUI understands some members may not be able to travel to Chicago, so some components of the conference will be available to virtual-only attendees:

  • Access to the online event platform, including three all-conference sessions streamed from Chicago and five additional session blocks Monday–Wednesday 
  • On-demand content available during and after the conference 
  • Online networking opportunities

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(through December 10)
(December 11–February 16)
(after February 16)
Professional/Student Member
Professional/Student Nonmember


Additional Experiences

Senior & Mid-Level Managers Program ($125) 

March 13, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Central 

This is a face-to-face program with senior- and mid-level manager cohorts focusing on assessing policies that impact college union operations, services, programs, and expressive activities/free speech through a social justice lens. This program will include joint sessions discussing overall social justice theory foundations and provide tools and resources to assess current policies that are in place along with strategies to help create more inclusive environments on campus. Participants will also have opportunities to follow up with these lessons throughout their conference experience and beyond. This joint program will also provide opportunities to network and engage with colleagues to ascertain best practices, renew old friendships, and make new ones.


Northwestern University ($50)
March 13, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Central 

Slightly outside Chicago in Evanston, Illinois, is this Division I private research university. Tour the Norris University Center, including meeting spaces, Esports-equipped game room, art studio, and other services and programming. Transportation is included. 

University of Chicago ($40)
March 16, 3–5 p.m. Central 

Founded in 1890, visit this urban private institution's campus life facilities, blending historic architecture with modern campus life. Van transportation is included.

DePaul University ($40)
March 16, 3–6 p.m. Central 

This private, Catholic university features a range of meeting spaces, a food pantry, cultural centers, and more than 350 student organizations. Van transportation is included. 

University of Illinois–Chicago ($40)
March 16, 3–6 p.m. Central 

This operations tour of UIC Student Centers will include the Amazon lockers, student lounges, the bowling and billiards center, dining spaces, and student organization areas. Additionally, participants will see a new facility, which combined classroom space and residence halls, and is known as the ARC. Van transportation is included.

Conference Program Team

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who are planning the 2022 Annual Conference:

  • Missy Burgess, Chair, University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh
  • Christopher Burpee, Northwestern University
  • James Contratto, University of South Alabama
  • Kristine Day, University of Michigan–Dearborn
  • Adam Dunbar, University of Massachusetts–Lowell
  • Jeff Dunbar, Houston Community College
  • Jennifer Duncan, Agnes Scott College
  • Shane Farmer, Clemson University
  • Angel Flowers, Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis
  • Aaron Flynn, University of North Dakota
  • Elizabeth Beltramini, Liaison, ACUI Central Office

About the Hotel

The Sheraton Grand Chicago is located steps from Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and other downtown attractions. 

Address: 301 East North Water Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Rates: Single – $189 | Double – $189

Booking Deadline: February 15, 2022

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Chicago 2022 Hotel

Sample Educational Content

If you are curious what the educational offerings of an ACUI Annual Conference are like, archived resources from the 2021 virtual event—including video recordings, presentation materials, and transcripts—are now available. Registrants can access the library when logged in to the site, and those who were not registered for the 2021 event can sign up for access here.

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