Preparing Your Session

As you prepare your session, please:

  • Review all the information below to ensure you have an understanding of the expectations.
  • Ensure the content you develop will engage and challenge your audience.
  • Check out these Presenter Tips on inclusivity.
  • Use the conference-branded templates available for download here. Please note that you can view various designs by choosing "New Slide."
Eligibility Guidelines

Every presenter at the ACUI annual conference must be registered for the conference or the ACUI Expo. Additionally, all presenters must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • All individual members in good standing, employees or students at an institutional member in good standing, and union veterans are eligible to present educational sessions at the annual conference.
  • ACUI nonmembers representing not-for-profit organizations are eligible to present educational sessions. Nonmembers are encouraged to present with ACUI members whenever possible.
  • Every corporate presenter at the upcoming ACUI annual conference must register and sponsor at a $2,500 level. If the session does not include a co-presenter from a member institution, registration and a conference sponsorship at a minimum level of $5,000 are required. In proposing your session, you already confirmed your understanding of this requirement.
Inclusion and Language Statement

ACUI is committed to providing welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environments at its conference. Presenters are expected to conduct themselves according to ACUI’s core values, and the ethical standards of the profession; be considerate; refrain from any demeaning, harassing, or discriminatory behavior or speech; and immediately comply with any requests to discontinue objectionable behavior.

Language Statement

In keeping with the spirit and letter of the ACUI Inclusive Language Policy, we ask that all presenters at ACUI conferences be mindful that our audiences include students and professionals from all types of campuses and educational institutions, as well as corporate and nonprofit members and partners. Every effort is expected of presenters and speakers to include appropriate language, material, and examples for the Association’s target audience and membership.

For example:

  • Students should be referred to as adults, not as "kids," "boys," or "girls."
  • Try to use gender-neutral language such as "people" or "they" and be wary of gendered terms such as "guys," "spokesman," "manning the operation," etc.
  • Avoid ableist language such as "as you can see," "crippled by," or "crazy."
  • Consider whether a view is U.S.-centric; even seasonal references are different for members in the Southern Hemisphere. 
Technical Standards

Each presenter must participate in a training session in February to discuss technology and logistics. Additionally, each presenter should arrive 15 minutes prior to the session to test technology, conduct audio tests, and otherwise prepare for the program.   

Presenters should plan to use a desktop or laptop computer with hard-wired internet connection, webcam, and adequate microphone for the duration of the session. Access to multiple monitors also is recommended. It is our expectation that presenters be accessible via another means in case of emergency and make assurances as to the quality and likely stability of all devices and media used to deliver the program.

Use of Controlled Substances

ACUI policies and procedures forbid the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances while performing with the Association. Anyone who appears in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of illegal drugs will forfeit any claim for refund from ACUI.

Recording Release

By presenting, the presenter grants permission to ACUI to produce a recording (video, audio, electronic, digital, or otherwise) of the performance and/or presentation and releases any right, title, and interest in and to such recording to ACUI.


Your name, likeness, and biography may be used in connection with this program.


Recording and materials may be subsequently utilized by ACUI in a variety of ways, which include, but are not limited to: print, electronic, televised, radio, video, and web-based media; educational sessions; seminars; webinars; recreational, social, and entertainment applications; and archived materials.  

By presenting, you acknowledge that all information is factual and original and that all quoted material is properly cited and does not infringe upon any copyright. The presenter transfers the sole rights to ACUI for the recording and acknowledges that the presentation has not been copyrighted previously.  

ACUI assumes no liability for the representation, comments, remarks, errors of omission, publications, or presentations of the presenter. The presenter assumes all responsibility for the appropriate use of copyrighted materials.