2019 Conference Program Team Chair
Heather Beasley
Purdue University
Phone: 765.494.8909
Education and Research Fund Chair
Tena Bennett
Southern Illinois University–Carbondale
Phone: 618.453.3484
Council for the Advancement of Standards Liaison
Matthew Ducatt, Ph.D.
Florida State University
Phone: 850.644.7629
Corporate Partnerships Development Team Leader
Charles Farrell
University of Illinois at Chicago
Phone: 312.413.5902
2018 Conference Program Team Chair
Jennifer Hernandez
University of South Florida
Phone: 813.974.0042
Research Coordinator
Daniel Maxwell
University of Houston
Phone: 713.743.5390
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Erin Morrell
Albertus Magnus College
Phone: 203.773.8541
Student Programs Team Chair
Joshua Peters-McBride
Portland Community College
Phone: 971.722.6328
Central Office Liaisons
Elizabeth Beltramini
Phone: 812.245.8059
Jake Dawes
Phone: 812.245.8058
Kim Pho
Phone: 812.245.8088
Justin Rudisille
Phone: 812.245.8064
Michelle Smith
Phone: 812.245.8055
Zack Wahlquist
Phone: 812.245.8053
Special Appointments