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Programming Board Structure
Daniel Gray(djgray1)
Posted: Friday, April 13, 2012 2:37 PM
Joined: 7/14/2010
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During the National Convention, our COP had a meeting regarding topics that we wanted to see discussed.  One of those topics was Programming Boards and the structure of these organizations.  



At my institution, we have two completely separate boards that are in the same office that both program, one of those boards being a multi-cultural programming board.  Although on the same campus, both boards have very different structures.  The multi-cultural board (MC from here on) has a total of 5 officers and those 5 each have a budget of their own that it is up to them to use it appropriately and properly throughout the year.  The Assistant Director of the organization oversees the budget and (is supposed to) meet with the other students weekly to discuss the budget. The AD meets with the advisor weekly, but the students still have definite oversight over the budget and all that happens.  In this group, everyone (except for the AD) does some sort of programming, including the Director, who has primary oversight over this organizations traditional larger events.  Everyone else simply pulls from their budget for their programs and if they go over, they aren't allowed more, and if they stay under, that money is forfeited back to the organization at the beginning of May for overall group programming.  



The other programming group, does general programming and has a total of 10 officers, with 3 of those officers comprising the executive board (the MC does not have an exec board; everyone gets a vote in all decisions).  The 3 exec board officers do no programming and simply oversee the other chair positions.  With this group, the budget is just a giant bucket in which everyone pools from and whoever has their proposal approved, that is which program is done.  There are two major programs that happen every year (large concert and a winter wonderland event) but all the other budget money is pooled and then used throughout the year.  The VP's are in charge of Marketing and Membership, respectively, and also do no programming outside of programs based on their title (marketing events or membership meetings).



Another thing with all of our working officers in our groups here is that they are all paid.  I think there are benefits to paying students and at my institution because of the amount of work that we ask our students to do, it makes sense for us to pay them (our execs work a minimum of 20 hours a week).  



Any other ideas on structures and differences between your groups?  Any thoughts on paying vs not paying students?  Any thoughts on ways to improve our groups structure?


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