The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, The second best time is today.
– Chinese proverb
Volume 75 | Issue 3
May 2007

CAS Adopts the Revised Campus Activities Standard

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has approved a revised and updated version of the Campus Activities Standard. The new Standard replaces one that was adopted in 1997 and had become dated over the years. 

The Campus Activities Standard, like the College Union Standard, has been posted on the CAS portion of the ACUI Web site (www.acui.org under “Tools”) and is available to ACUI members as a free download.  ACUI shares the major responsibility for the Campus Activities Standard with the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA).  Please note that the 2006 CAS Book of Standards does not include this new Standard.  Until the next Book of Standards is published, the ACUI Web site is the best source for accessing the Standard. 

ACUI played a major role in the revision of the standard. Initially, several members offered opinions in response to a broad invitation to the membership for feedback and comment on the 1997 standard.  Later, the Education Council chairs and members of the Central Office staff reviewed an early draft of the new standard. Several ACUI leaders then served as “experts in the field” to provide valuable suggestions to the near-final draft. Finally, about a dozen delegates to the Kansas City conference met in an educational session and wrestled with the program section of the document, making several significant recommendations. Every idea that ACUI members generated reached the revision committee.

Collectively, the ideas benefited and improved the standard. Both Jan Arminio, NACA’s CAS representative, and Bob Rodda, ACUI’s CAS liaison, are extremely pleased with the updates and improvements that members of both associations contributed to the standard.
Now it is time for ACUI members to review and use the standard. Any questions about the Campus Activities Standard, the varieties of ways to use it, and anything else about CAS should be directed to Bob Rodda, ACUI’s CAS liaison at rrodda@wooster.edu or 330.263.2062.