Extended Learning Sessions

Extended learning sessions provide attendees an opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics of interest or current trends. Each session spans across two educational blocks, lasting two and a half hours. Two unique opportunities will cover topics such as the relationship between physical space and campus community building and unconventional leadership practices.

Community: A Reflection on Campus Spaces
Monday, March 19, 8–10:45 a.m.
Kim Harrington Pete, Georgia Institute of Technology
Daniel Maxwell, University of Houston

What is the relationship of space and community? How does campus space impact students? This session will explore the community, campus space and its relationship with students. The presenters will share their research from two lenses: an environmental psychology perspective and a campus ecology perspective.

Core competencies: Facilities Management, Leadership, Student Learning

Unconventional Leadership
Wednesday, March 21, 1–3:45 p.m.
Tony Doody, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Patrick Love, Rutgers University–New Brunswick 

Doing things a little better, a little cheaper, and a little faster are the tacit expectations of a top manager. But in these fast-changing times and tough economic constraints, the urgent need to look past incremental change and take a revolutionary approach to leadership is critical. To justify our contributions to student learning and development, we must change the way we do business. What are we doing as a profession to intentionally and systematically forage for new ideas and incorporate "best practices" from outside our field? Unconventional leaders don't have jobs, they have a platform to influence, create connections, and do work that matters.

Core competencies: Leadership, Student Learning

Updated Feb. 20, 2012