IPDS: What Past Participants Say

100% of participants attending the most recent IPDS said they would recommend the program to others 


Other comments: 

"The training was well organized, and the presenters were excellent!"

"The networking opportunities are invauable—and learning from some of the experts and peers is very important in this business."

"The IPDS program offers 'new' professionals in student union management a marvelous opportunity to develop their skills and a cohort to lean on for furture problems."


Let IPDS start you off on a successful career in college unions and student activities

“I came to this profession with essentially no prior training or experience. IPDS was an opportunity for me to learn important management skills and also to validate the management behaviors that I had developed on my own.

"Meeting other union professionals was a major component of the program and many of those professionals have influenced my career in a variety of ways. As with most ACUI experiences, friendships developed through the shared formal and informal program experiences have been long-lasting.

"While the curriculum for the program has grown over the years, I’m equally certain that the benefits for attending remain just as valuable as they were 30 years ago.”

Robert M. Rouzer
IPDS Class of 1980
Executive Associate Director of Campus Auxiliary Services and Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of Illinois–Chicago

“IPDS served as a launching pad for my career. I had been in the field for seven years before I attended IPDS and was in the midst of moving to a new job. It helped me gain a new perspective on my career and broadened my scope of all that is offered in the student union field of work. It helped me learn more about diversity in the broadest sense and increased my networking opportunities and skill set. It is a wonderful program, and I would recommend it for new professionals and mid-level managers.”

Mary G. Edgington
IPDS Class of 1992
Senior Director, Union and Student Activities, The Pennsylvania State University 


“My first eight years as a professional provided me with experiences in residence life, fraternity and sorority life, leadership programming, and public space management. While my office was in the student union, I was not engaged professionally in the day-to-day management or planning for the facility or its programs and services. My transition on to the management team of a large student union operation was enhanced with my opportunity to participate in IPDS in 1996.

“It was my very first ACUI professional development program, and I have not looked back since. IPDS proved to be a positive and purposeful experience in exploring, developing and enhancing my professional competencies which have benefited me throughout my career. As I head into my 21st year in the field of higher education, I see IPDS as one of the cornerstones of my professional growth.”

Daniel M. Maxwell
IPDS Class of 1996
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Houston

“Every ACUI professional should attend IPDS at least once in their career. The unique educational experience will enhance your ability to ‘see the big picture’ and be a more effective union professional. This educational program will challenge participates to learn while having a great time and making lifetime friends.”

Suzi Halpin
IPDS Class of 1996
Director of Facilities and Events, University of California–Berkeley

“IPDS provided a formative experience for my professional growth and maturity. The program embodies the notion that we are each an integral part of a larger group of individuals, each with our own set of ideas, experiences and aspirations, but within a common bond of community.

"IPDS provides a framework for: building and cultivating effective partnerships both on and off-campus; working effectively with students, faculty and staff; and essential tools for strategic planning, budgeting, legal issues and community building.

"The ability to assess the programs, facilities and services offered by your college union or student activities office, while maintaining an outcomes-based accountability paradigm for demonstrating the impact on student success, is also a focus that I reflect upon often—tools that I gained through my IPDS experience.”

Keith T. Kowalka
IPDS Class of 1999
Assistant Vice President for Student Development, The University of Houston 


Updated April 28, 2014