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February 2015
Feb. 6–82015 ACUI Western Mid-Atlantic Sectional Recreation Tournament (Radford)  (Radford, VA)  | Register
Feb. 13–142015 ACUI Pacific Northwest Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Portland, Ore.)  | Register
Feb. 14–152015 ACUI Central Midwest Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Akron, Ohio)  | Register
Feb. 18
1 p.m. Eastern
Senior Week Best Practices Roundtable | Register
March 2015
March 6–82015 ACUI Upper Midwest Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Fargo, ND)  | Register
March 24–292015 ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships  (San Antonio, Texas)  | Register
March 25–282015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational  (Richmond, Va.)  | Register
March 25
Noon Eastern
Marketing Your Leadership Skills | Register
April 2015
April 8–122015 Annual Conference - Calendar  (San Antonio, Texas)  | Register
April 15
2 p.m. Eastern
NCLP/ACUI The New Leadership Classroom: Creating a Learning-Centered Environment | Register
May 2015
May 31–June 14International Student Affairs Study Tour: Ireland and the United Kingdom  (Dublin, Belfast, London, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh)  | Register