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February 2016
Feb. 12–142016 Lower East Conference Championships  (Savannah, GA)  | Register
Feb. 16
Noon Eastern
Timely Talks: Violence on Campus | Register
Feb. 19–212016 Southern Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Miami, FL)  | Register
Feb. 19–212016 Central Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Edwardsville, Ill.)  | Register
Feb. 26–282016 Lower Midwest Conference Championships  (San Antonio, TX)  | Register
Feb. 27–282016 Pennsylvania State University Independent Qualifier  (State College, Pa.)  | Register
March 2016
March 3
2 p.m. Eastern
Fee and Revenue Generation Strategies | Register
March 4–62016 East Coast Internatinoal Championships  (Ft. Benning, GA)  | Register
March 4–62016 Braves ACUI Independent Qualifier  (Pembroke, N.C.)  | Register
March 18–202016 Upper Midwest International Championships  (Udall, Kan.)  | Register
March 18–192016 Mid-Atlantic Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Radford, Va.)  | Register
March 18–202016 Western Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Ogden, Utah)  | Register
March 29–April 32016 ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships  (San Antonio)  | Register
April 2016
April 1–32016 ACUI South Atlantic Sectional Recreation Tourament | Register
April 1–32016 Southwest Sectional Recreation Tournament  (Tempe, Arizona)  | Register
April 6–92016 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational  (Austin)  | Register
April 8–92016 University of Michigan Last Chance Qualifier  (Ann Arbor, Mich.)  | Register