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ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Information

9balllogonotdatesFor the complete schedule of qualifying tournaments and information on the Collegiate 9-ball Championships, visit the ACUI Sectional Recreation page.

ACUI collegiate championships are designed to contribute to the social, physical, mental, and emotional development of students and professionals. ACUI further promotes its core value of community through its recreation and leisure activities program.  This is one of the longest running programs in the Association's history. View the men and women who have won since 1937.

Students who would like to participate in this program must first compete in a 9-ball qualifying tournament and receive an invitation to the championships. ACUI will be conducting 9-ball qualifying tournaments, typically in the January through March time frame, and other institutions or organizations may be as well.

2016 ACUI Collegiate 9-ball National Championships

The 2016 Championships were held in Sparky's Den, located in the Arizona State University Memorial Union, June 10–12. The top three results for the men's and Women's Divisions are as follows:


  1. Briana Miller- Lindenwood University (3-time defending champion)
  2. Taylor Reynolds- Lindenwood University
  3. Ye (Delilah) Fang- University of Wyoming

 *Sportswomanship award recipient: Brenda Bares- Florida International University


  1. Sharik Sayed- Lindenwood University
  2. Tanner Nickels- Lindenwood University
  3. Sean Sommers- Lindenwood University

*Sportsmanship award recipient: Walter Teng- University of Michigan



Dress Code for National Championships

Participants must wear collared shirts or dress blouses, dress slacks or skirts, and dress shoes.  The following apparel items are acceptable:

  • Polo shirts bearing the school name and/or logo
  • Dressy blouses that cover midriffs, cleavage, and shoulders
  • Dressy slacks, khakis, or capris
  • Skirts that fall at least to the top of the knee
  • Dressy sandals

  The following apparel items are not permitted:

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops
  • Corduroys, denim jeans, cargo-style work khakis, casual capris
  • Shorts
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers
  • Flip-flops or other open-toed casual sandals
  • Hats

Dress Code for Sectional and Independent Qualifiers 

 A similar dress code of the National Championships will be used for the Sectional and Independent Qualifiers with the following exceptions:

  •  Jeans of any fabric are allowed that do not have any holes, graphics or other imprinted marks
  •  Solid tennis shoes

  If you are in doubt about whether an outfit or garment will be acceptable, play it safe and choose different clothes.

If an infraction of the dress code is discovered during the course of a match, the participant will have 15 minutes to change into acceptable attire and return to the tournament arena. If the participant does not do so, the match will be forfeited.

2017 Sectional/Independent Qualifier and Championships

Sectional and Independent Qualifying Tournament Eligibility

Recognizing that the primary purpose of student life on campus is academic achievement, the ACUI Student Programs Team has increased the minimum credit hour requirement to further underscore the importance of continuing academic progress. Additionally, students participating in ACUI tournaments must be enrolled as a student in good standing at the institution they represent. To that end, ACUI hereby establishes the eligibility requirements for sectional or independent qualifying events.

Host an Independent Tournament

If you're interested in hosting a qualifying tournament, you must meet certain requirements, and then become an approved qualifying tournament by the program director. Download the Sectional RFP here.  To host an Independent Qualifier, fill out the form. With questions, please contact Adrena May NOTE: All ACUI tournaments are approved qualifying tournaments.

Championship-level Eligibility

Because there is a great deal more at stake, and substantially more financial commitment required by the school, the individual, and the Association, eligibility requirements at the championship level for 9-ball and table tennis are necessarily more stringent. Proof of academic eligibility is required. Please see the eligibility requirements above for more details.

Prior to participating in championships or independent qualifying events, students must complete the 2017 ACUI Academic Eligibility Form and acquire official verification of eligibility status from their school registrar, including official school seal and/or signature of registrar, prior to the deadline established by the championship event director, generally three to four weeks before the championship tournament.


ACUI is looking for institutions to host the 2017 championships. Contact Jake Dawes if you are interested or would like more information.  RFPs are due Friday, September 19.  

College and University Programs

Interested in playing billiards in college? Continue to hone your skills and compete competitively on campus, against other schools, and even qualify for an international level 9-ball tournament. Once you've decided on a school, take a look at their website for information about students playing billiards on campus. It might be a recognized club sport that travels to tournaments and is funded by student fees organized by the student activities office, or it could be coordinated by the recreational sports department on campus. Even if it is not yet on your campus, you can be the impetus to getting a club started. All you need is a few friends and some help from the appropriate department on campus. 

Here are a few tips from the folks at Pool & Billiard Magazine that was written by collegiate pool guru Betsy Sundholm, along with a list of schools with programs.  

Updated Aug. 9, 2016