Student Competitions

Work hard, play hard

Programs in unions are extensive and highly diversified. They range from cocurricular seminars and workshops, to speakers and conferences, to concerts and recreational tournaments.

"Increasingly 'wellness centers' and recreational fitness facilities can be found in unions, catering to the desire for physical well-being and outdoor activity. These complement the organized outing programs and instruction in skiing, sailing, canoeing, hiking, camping, and rock climbing, which have been offered through unions for years."
— 51 Facts about College Unions




ACUI promotes student competition as a complement rather than a contradiction to the traditional classroom on campus and supports students' quest for excellence in many competitive programs. The Association has a strong history in supporting the physical and mental health aspects of participation in leisure activities, hobbies, fitness, social recreation, outdoor sports, celebration of music, and art activities providing a healthy sense of self and a sense of accomplishment in a job well done.

For the creative spirit: 

  • Regional and international Poetry Slam competitions are held annually. Learn more about hosting events on your campus, participating in your region, or competing in the annual College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.
  • Show off your eye for marketing and graphic design by submitting your work in the Steal this Idea contest; winners are displayed at the annual conference and showcased in The Bulletin each year.

For the competitive spirit:

  • Regional recreation and leisure activities are coordinated in February, allowing students to play just about anything that you would see in the residence hall. These tournaments range from championship-qualifying 9-ball or table tennis to a friendly game of Mario Kart or Spoons.
  • If the regional competition isn’t enough, you just might earn the opportunity to represent your campus in an international collegiate championship! For 2014, these include the Collegiate 9-Ball Tournament, the Clay Targets Championships, and the College Table Tennis National Championships.
  • Compete with your fellow students against other schools in The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF, raising funds to support global child survival. Winning campuses also earn prizes.

Beyond competitions, if you are looking for leadership development and peer-to-peer networking, more ACUI programs are available and might be exactly what you need.

Take advantage of all ACUI has to offer just by being a student member. And if your institution is an ACUI member, you can receive discounted member rates all programs and services. 

"This is where the union, as the recreational laboratory of the university, has an obligation to society, the same as any other university laboratory. It proposes not only to teach its own students how to play as well as work, but to set standards and produce trained leaders who will be of service to other communities as they meet their problems of providing for leisure."
— The College Union Idea

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